• 3Com Bridges Gap With Crossbeam

    3Com is continuing its efforts to regain a foothold in the enterprise market through an OEM partnership with Crossbeam that will bring new security offerings into the 3Com fold.

  • Iron Mountain Takes Digital Archiving To Next Level

    Current and emerging regulations, along with the need to archive important files but have them easily accessible, highlight the significant need for digital records management. Digital storage and management outsourcing service vendor Iron Mountain is leading the charge with its Digital Archives solution, a wide range of services that help companies meet their compliance and storage requirements.

  • Internet Littered With Dead Web Sites

    Despite the Internet's ability to deliver information quickly and frequently, the World Wide Web is littered with deadwood , sites abandoned and woefully out of date.

  • Intel tackles Software

    Intel is stepping up its development of software as a way to accelerate everything from digital homes to self-configuring networks, President and COO Paul Otellini said last week at the Forrester Executive Strategy Forum in Boston.

  • Whidbey, Longhorn Code

    Microsoft's next versions of Visual Studio, SQL Server and Windows will expand application development and Web services design possibilities for the channel.

  • Sun Clause Guards Value Add

    Sun Microsystems is planning to rein in those solution providers that sell Sun hardware with no value-add outside their geography.

  • Fujitsu Relies On BTO

    Fujitsu Computer Systems, formed last month from a merger between two existing units of its parent company, plans to continue bypassing distribution and keep its reseller roster selective as it looks to boost North American sales of notebooks and servers.

  • Worldwide PC Markets See Strong Growth

    According to the latest quarterly report from research firm IDC, the U.S. and worldwide PC markets showed strong growth last quarter,a trend that was confirmed by solution providers.

  • Pedestal Pulls In Partners

    Pedestal Software signed several new partners last month, and the security vendor's automation tools are gaining traction among enterprises.