• Database Vendors Vie For SMBs

    The battle to own the small and midsize business (SMB) space has heated up in recent weeks. Vendors have announced a series of new pricing and related initiatives designed to extend their reach and, they hope, trigger a market comeback.

  • NCR Ringing Up Sales For 119 Years

    NCR, founded as the National Cash Register Company in 1884, pioneered the mechanical cash register. Since that time, the company has gone through a number of transitions. Among its incarnations: It was acquired by AT&T in 1991 as a business-application and computer maker and then spun off five years later as a full IT solution provider.

  • Steve Ballmer and You

    After three years as CEO of the world's most successful software company, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is becoming as well-known for the things he says as for the volume of noise he generates when he says them. With a strong voice, Ballmer has run the global, $32.2 billion empire since his colleague and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates moved over to become the company's leading software architect. Some say the company has never been stronger.

  • Question: Licensing and the Threat Of Linux

    Microsoft has traditionally been the low-cost alternative. Are you planning to adjust your approach to licensing in any way to respond to Linux?
    --Tim Huckaby, CEO at InterKnowlogy, a Microsoft Gold Certified partner

  • Question: Outsourcing's Impact On The Channel

    What impact will offshore outsourcing and offshore programming likely have on the channel? Is it a concern of yours going forward that the whole economic structure could be turned on end?
    --Linda Williams, president of Williams & Associates, a Microsoft training partner

  • Question: Programs For Targeting SMBs

    How do you envision your partner program evolving to meet the needs of SMBs specifically?
    --Eric Raarup, director of business solutions at Inetium, a Microsoft ISV

  • Question: Hackers and Security

    What is Microsoft doing to promote more spending among its customers and partners on security and identity-management technologies? Second, what is your personal position on hackers who, to a certain extent, represent some degree of innovation?
    --Rajneesh N. Shetty, independent IT programmer

  • Tivoli’s Robert LeBlanc

    Until last year, IBM's Tivoli division was suffering from a true identity crisis--a rather ironic situation given that the unit is, among other things, a leading provider of identity-management solutions. In addition to losing focus, Tivoli was mired in technical and support issues, and lacked a well-defined channel strategy.

  • On Demand Up Close

    Much of the technology fueling IBM's e-Business On Demand strategy is brewing within the company's Tivoli unit. Robert LeBlanc, Tivoli's general manager, talks about the technology in an interview with VARBusiness editors.

  • Acer Backs Up Channel

    Acer executives, insisting that competitors erred by increasing direct sales to compete against Dell, plan to introduce a channel strategy that will increase its U.S. sales to $1.8 billion, up from this year's $330 million, by the end of 2006.

  • Tools Cater To Leveraging Legacy Cobol Apps

    It seems that Cobol applications never fade away. Mainframes still run about 60 percent to 80 percent of business applications, according to research firm Gartner, which adds up to billions of lines of Cobol code integrally tied to enterprise systems.