• Sun, Intel Target Telecom

    Sun Microsystems plans to unveil this week a pair of new servers, including a model aimed at keeping its lead in the telecom market.

  • Analyst Reports Cloud App-Server Debate

    Like a smoke-filled battlefield, the hotly contested Internet application-server software market has become cloudier as new analyst reports offer conflicting views of the market and the fierce BEA Systems-IBM rivalry.

  • Agere Overcoming an Identity Crisis

    Ask your average networking VAR to name their favorite wireless networking vendors, and there's a good chance they'll mention the OriNoco family of wireless LAN products. But ask them to name the company behind the successful OriNoco brand, and chances are even better you'll get a blank stare.

  • Hitachi To EMC: Forget About the APIs

    It may not be the best tactical move to accuse the very competitor you are trying to court of intellectual-property theft. But that is exactly what EMC did on April 11 when it charged Hitachi with encroaching on six of its technology patents.

  • Accenture’s Big Web-Services Play

    Accenture is about to take a big step in the development of Web services with a soon-to-be-released application-development platform that it says will provide clients with reusable, uniform components to build solutions quickly and efficiently.

  • Cold Shoulder?

    Hewlett-Packard is contemplating excluding PCs and Windows NT servers from its Hard Deck program, a move solution providers say could inject confusion into a strategy meant to set rules governing direct vs. indirect sales.