• Microsoft To Shut Down MSN Chat In Several Markets

    Microsoft is shutting down Internet chat services in most of its markets around the world and limiting the service in the United States to help reduce criminal solicitations of children through online discussions.

  • Salesnet Takes Hosted CRM To Small-Business Level

    Salesnet next week will bring its hosted CRM service to small businesses and early next month will partner with AptSoft Corp. to offer integration services to large customers that need to connect sales-force functionality to other systems, including Web sites, service centers, and back-office and campaign-management software.

  • Microsoft Packs Plenty In New Suite

    Take note, folks: This isn't your father's Office suite. Office System 2003, that long-awaited upgrade to Microsoft's applications juggernaut, will debut on Oct. 21, and it marks a particularly ambitious undertaking for the Redmond, Wash., software giant. Unlike its predecessors, whose new-feature notables have included the often-ridiculed paper-clip gizmo, this latest incarnation comes imbued with a technological gravitas not before seen in an Office upgrade.

  • Max Out Your Profits

    Stuck in neutral? Or worse? Sick of watching some other VARs posting to-die-for numbers while you're contemplating reduced workweek schedules and compulsory early-retirement plans for employees? Fret not, bunky. We're here to help. We asked some of the most profitable VARs in our industry, and those who watch over them, to share what some might consider their most valuable assets--specific business plans that are getting results and driving profits higher in this take-no-prisoners economy.

  • The Most Profitable of the VAR500

    What business would your company be in if it adapted a "best-of" only strategy as employed by the top profit-makers of the VARBusiness 500? We decided to find out.

  • Building Linux Boxes

    Systems builders that have significant Linux businesses almost need to hire their own lawyers to navigate the turbulent waters raging between SCO and the rest of the Linux community. Take Scott Sharkey, for example. It was early March, and he had heard rumblings that SCO Group was preparing to take legal action against IBM for allegedly sharing code from Unix, to which SCO owns the rights, with the Linux community.

  • Building White Printers

    The success of white-box PCs, white-book portables and unbranded servers begs the following question: Has the time come for an unbranded, no-name printer?

  • Symantec To Buy PowerQuest

    Symantec said Tuesday it plans to acquire PowerQuest, a storage management software maker, in a cash deal valued at about $150 million. Pending approvals, the sale is expected to be completed by the end of 2003.

  • IBM Starts To Think Dynamically

    IBM this Friday plans to make the technology it acquired to automatically provision applications across multiple servers generally available.