• CoroSoft Does Windows With Director 2.1

    After years of serving Linux and Solaris environments, network management firm CoroSoft Technologies ventured into the Windows world Monday, launching a Windows version of its CoroSoft Director dynamic-provisioning software.

  • Tidal Software Joins HP OpenView Channel

    Tidal Software announced Tuesday it has joined Hewlett-Packard's OpenView Solution Alliance program. The partnership will integrate Tidal's flagship product, the Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, with the HP OpenView management software suite. The combination will provide datacenter operators with a centralized point-of-control solution to automate business application processing.

  • EMC Acquires VMware

    Making its third major software acquisition in six months, EMC announced that it has paid $635 million in cash for a Silicon Valley company that specializes in server virtualization technology.

  • Xandros Ships Desktop 2

    Desktop Linux vendor Xandros announced Tuesday that it has begun shipping an updated version that features quick installation, drag-and-drop capabilities and better integration with Windows.

  • Zander Takes Top Spot At Motorola

    Former Sun Microsystems president Ed Zander made his return to the front line of the IT industry Tuesday, appointed Motorola's new chairman and CEO.

  • Toshiba Launches VoIP Phone Client

    Toshiba's Digital Solutions Division on Tuesday rolled out a software-based VoIP (Voice over IP) client that turns any Windows XP laptop or desktop into the equivalent of a desktop phone.

  • Bush Signs Anti-Spam Legislation

    President Bush signed legislation Tuesday meant to stem the flood of unwanted e-mail pitches that irritate Internet users and drain the economy.

  • Government Says U.S. Tech Firms Recovering

    The U.S. technology industry is showing healthy growth for the first time since parts of the Internet sector collapsed two years ago, but jobs and wages still are down, the Bush administration says in a new report on the digital economy.

  • Fresh Economic Data Show Economy On Track

    A new batch of economic data show that the housing market remains red-hot, industrial production is surging, and inflation remains subdued,all positive signs for the economy.