• The Most Profitable of the VAR500

    What business would your company be in if it adapted a "best-of" only strategy as employed by the top profit-makers of the VARBusiness 500? We decided to find out.

  • Building Linux Boxes

    Systems builders that have significant Linux businesses almost need to hire their own lawyers to navigate the turbulent waters raging between SCO and the rest of the Linux community. Take Scott Sharkey, for example. It was early March, and he had heard rumblings that SCO Group was preparing to take legal action against IBM for allegedly sharing code from Unix, to which SCO owns the rights, with the Linux community.

  • Building White Printers

    The success of white-box PCs, white-book portables and unbranded servers begs the following question: Has the time come for an unbranded, no-name printer?

  • Symantec To Buy PowerQuest

    Symantec said Tuesday it plans to acquire PowerQuest, a storage management software maker, in a cash deal valued at about $150 million. Pending approvals, the sale is expected to be completed by the end of 2003.

  • IBM Starts To Think Dynamically

    IBM this Friday plans to make the technology it acquired to automatically provision applications across multiple servers generally available.

  • CRN Interview: Mark Seamans, Cardiff Software

    As Microsoft gears up to formally launch Microsoft Office 2003, a lot of its energy will be focused on InfoPath-driven workflow collaboration and document management. But Microsoft isn't the only vendor in this space, and in many ways is playing catch-up to players such as Cardiff Software, which later this month is slated to launch a document-capture application that complements its existing platform-independent electronic forms and workflow system, called Liquid Office.

  • Asian Countries Could Deepen Linux's Threat To Windows

    The threat to Microsoft Corp. from the free Linux operating system could intensify with the help of a powerful Asian triumvirate: Japan and South Korea are prodding China to join an effort that promotes alternatives to Windows.