• The Merger's Aftermath

    Distributors expect a strong commitment from Hewlett-Packard when the company formally details its new channel strategy.

  • The Solution Proposition

    Too often, vendors are focused on individual product sales rather than sales of multivendor solutions, said executives at the annual CRN Distribution Roundtable.

  • Hard Facts: June 3, 2002

    The overall level of solution provider satisfaction with software vendors' channel programs edged down in April, following a strong increase in March, according to CRN's Monthly Channel Satisfaction Survey.

  • Extended Systems To Acquire ViaFone

    Extended Systems has signed a definitive agreement to acquire mobile middleware provider ViaFone in an effort to fill out its wireless services and development capabilities.

  • Will Software Save the SSPs?

    While the idea of outsourcing assistance in storage management was intriguing to many end users, the idea of signing over control of their data assets to an outside provider was not.

  • Islands of Virtualization

    As SANs became real world over the past few years, vendors promised a storage nirvana of ubiquitous networks of storage available to every system on the network. Virtualization software vendors are spinning a similar tale of virtualized pools of resources that can be allocated on demand to any server. Just as the real world deployed SANs as application-focused islands, it is likely that end users will deploy virtualization software in application- and project-centric islands.

  • Storage Management Certifications – Walking the Walk

    With the growth of software comes a greater degree of interest in technical certifications. Configuring and managing an enterprise SAN is a very different skill set than switching tapes or adding disks to a server. A true storage professional is emerging and commanding higher salaries commensurate with his or her experience and certifications. A recent study by RoperNOP Technology on certifications placed IBM and CA storage certifications among those solution providers will be pursuing in 2002.

  • Selling Enterprise Storage Management Software

    Success in the storage management software space will hinge largely on how the hardware-focused storage industry can change the way it sells and markets to customers. These changes will have a fundamental impact on how storage companies structure their selling models and channel programs. Selling complex enterprise software is a very different proposition from pitching RAID or a high-performance tape device.