• Digital River Shows A Profit

    Digital River reported a $1.1 million profit, excluding goodwill amortization and acquisition related costs, for its fourth quarter.

  • IBM To Eliminate Channel Sales Field Reps

    IBM is eliminating its channel field-sales representatives in its Personal and Printing Systems Group and instead will assign telesales reps to U.S. solution providers, a move that some solution providers say could damage their relationship with the vendor.

  • Palmisano Has ‘Big Blue’ Shoes To Fill

    In being named the next CEO of IBM, president Samuel J. Palmisano is finally staking claim to a throne that industry watchers have had him pegged for since 2000, running what is arguably the most successful high-tech corporation of all time.

  • Storing Data Off-Site Critical Insurance Against Disaster

    An astonishing 95 percent of enterprise data is still backed up to tape and trucked to vaults, according to an estimate by one Gartner analyst. It's a recipe for disaster that storage service providers (SSPs) are trying to fix.

  • > Channel Chief: Paul Fiore, Director, Reseller Channel

    > LOCATION: Ashburn, Va.
    > AGE: 38
    > QUOTE: "Our resellers partner with us because they don't have to worry about their reputation with their customers when they sell them our service."

  • NetIQ Names New President, CEO

    NetIQ on Tuesday named Charles "Chuck" Boesenberg as its new president and CEO, replacing co-founder Ching-Fa Hwang.

  • Cognos Extends Push Into Analytics Apps

    Cognos, in an effort to boost its nascent analytics applications business, recently introduced a set of business intelligence products for Oracle's eBusiness Suite and plans to add a set for SAP's ERP systems.

  • Portera Reports Strong Growth

    Serving the "underserved" services sector helped Portera achieve cash-positive status this month, the company said.

  • IBM Names Palmisano to Succeed Gerstner As CEO

    IBM on Tuesday named Samuel Palmisano CEO effective March 1 to replace Louis Gerstner, who was widely expected to step down this year.