• Musical Chairs At Lotus -- Again

    IBM's Lotus division has lost another channel chief. Frances West, the longtime IBM veteran who has been director of channels at Lotus for just under 18 months, assumed a new position in IBM Research within the past few weeks, leaving a vacancy in the partner post.

  • Cisco Ramps Up Wireless Offerings

    Making the case that Wi-Fi is finally ready for widespread enterprise deployment, Cisco outlined its vision for wireless LANs with an event held to trumpet its latest offerings. The company staged a half-day session on Wednesday for analysts and media to discuss its latest product news and present a panel of Cisco wireless partners and customers.

  • Microsoft Issues More Desktop Patches

    Microsoft Tuesday issued patches for vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Windows, FrontPage, and Office in the second of its now-monthly rollouts of fixes.

  • Liberty Alliance Finalizes Second Set Of Standards

    The Liberty Alliance Group, an industry alliance that's building standards for Web authentication, finalized Wednesday its framework for sharing user identification among Web services, and launched a new expert group for extending the technology into geo-location and other services.

  • Palmisano Chats Up On-Demand Computing

    IBM Chairman, President and CEO Sam Palmisano held center stage Wednesday extolling the joys of on-demand computing. The occasion was the IBM Leadership Forum, held approximately one year after IBM first introduced the on-demand concept.

  • Accenture Set To Ride the “Next Wave” of Productivity

    The technology industry is about to ride the next wave of innovation and productivity, according to an optimistic Joe Forehand, chairman and CEO of Accenture, which is projecting revenue growth of up to 10 percent for its current fiscal year. The chief exec assembled his West Wing of execs on Nov. 11 in New York to brief the press in a state-of-the-company address that touched on many topics, including outsourcing, the company's burgeoning government business, and its financial expectations for the next year.

  • Researchers Create New Plastic Memory

    A new memory technology promises to store more data at less cost than the expensive-to-build silicon chips used by popular consumer gadgets including digital cameras, cell phones and portable music players.