• NetIQ Revamps VoIP Products

    NetIQ this week plans to expand its suite of voice-over-IP management products to include a new diagnostics tool and upgrades to its network assessment and management software. It is also changing the products' name to Vivinet.

  • HP Pricing Debate

    Hewlett-Packard is studying whether to move its large systems integration partners away from a direct purchasing relationship for Unix products and into its Partner Demand Manager (PDM) distribution model.

  • Rivals: Microsoft's Compliance In Doubt

    The ink has yet to dry on the ruling upholding Microsoft's antitrust settlement with the government, but Sun Microsystems and other rivals are already challenging the company's compliance with the agreement.

  • Citrix Unveils 'Pearl' and New Gems

    Software vendor Citrix Systems is hoping that Project Pearl and other new technology developments will help it reap riches in a tough economy.

  • Making JBoss

    Solution providers say WebMethods' plan to bundle a free J2EE application server with a new version of its integration platform likely won't have much effect on how they use the vendor's technology.

  • New Chips Coming

    With solution providers still squarely focused on the 32-bit world, Intel and Advanced Micro Devices are racing to produce and ship their latest highest-performing microprocessors by year's end.

  • Tablet PC Launches With Style

    Bill Gates trumpeted the launch of Microsoft's much-awaited Tablet PC in traditional Microsoft style this week, during a gala event in New York where he was joined by a bevy of business and high-tech execs, a best-selling author and even an actor.