• Dupont Hopes NEC Deal Will Boost Its Channel Sales

    Dupont Display Solutions, hoping to capitalize on higher volumes and greater economies of scale in its line of value-enhanced display offerings, signed a deal with NEC to enhance a lineup of the vendor's LCD solutions, the company said.

  • Sony Plans To Trim 20,000 Jobs Globally

    Sony is trimming 20,000 jobs, or about 13 percent of its global work force, in the next three years as part of a turnaround strategy announced Tuesday to better integrate its entertainment, video-game and electronics businesses.

  • So. Cal. Fires Slow IT Channel Business

    The series of 10-plus wildfires in southern California which have burned more than 1,100 homes in San Diego, Ventura, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties is also having an impact on the local IT community.

  • Longhorn To Simplify App Development

    New features in the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, will drastically simplify the development of applications for the forthcoming operating system, Jim Allchin, Microsoft group vice president of platforms, said during the first official demonstration of the software Monday.

  • New Police Cars Have Voice Recognition

    A police officer sees a bank robbery suspect speed by and says "pursuit." Automatically, the cruiser's blue lights, siren, flashing headlights and video camera turn on. The car also sends a message to dispatch giving the location and saying the officer is chasing someone.

  • EDS Takes Earnings Hit From Accounting Change

    In advance of its widely anticipated third-quarter earnings report Wednesday, IT services firm EDS says it will take a $2.24 billion--or $2.92-per-share--charge against earnings retroactive to the first quarter because of changes in the way it recognizes revenue from long-term contracts. As a result of the charge, EDS's first quarter now reflects a net loss of $2.95 per share.

  • BellSouth, AT&T Talking Merger Again

    BellSouth is talking merger with AT&T again in the latest round of talks between the two telecom giants. It's AT&T's blue chip roster of business customers that is the attraction and AT&T's long distance operation the repellant. BellSouth would be the acquiring party.

  • Microsoft Highlights WinFS

    As expected, a trio of technologies took the stage at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference Monday, including the long-promised WinFS.