• Crossbeam Appliance Aimed At Midmarket

    Solution providers looking to push high-end security capabilities down to the midmarket should consider Crossbeam Systems' C30, which is simple to deploy and offers excellent continuing revenue flow, such as its ability to manage multiport intrusion-detection systems (IDSes). The C30 blurs the line of distinction between a server appliance and a switch and offers solution providers tremendous opportunity for post-sale support.

  • Celestix Powers Up For SMBs

    Celestix Networks, a security appliance vendor in Fremont, Calif., is shipping a new remote-access appliance for VPNs based on the Windows 2003 platform.

  • VARs Must Weigh Implications Of Data Forensics

    Solution providers often have the background and intellectual capital necessary to enter the highly profitable data forensics and intrusion management markets, which are proving to be essential services for many businesses. But, beyond technical knowledge, the CRN Test Center notes that there are several challenges and specific steps to becoming effective in the investigative realm of data protection.

  • Much Ado About Web Services

    A new Web services framework published recently by Sun Microsystems and Oracle has further confused efforts to create standards for complex Web services transactions, solution providers said.

  • AMD Takes Wraps Off Logo Campaign

    With little more than a month to go until the scheduled launch of its 64-bit desktop processor, Advanced Micro Devices is rolling out a new logo program that will enable third parties to indicate compatibility with its new processors.

  • New-And-Improved Tablet PCs Generate Buzz In The Market

    Significant improvements in the most recent Tablet PCs, including increased mobility, lighter weight, longer battery life and improved screens, are pushing the devices into new markets and opening additional opportunities for solution providers, according to the CRN Test Center.

  • Lexmark, Xerox Gear Up For Battle

    The battle for the channel by multifunction product makers has begun, with Xerox moving toward its commitment to ship its products through the channel this fall and rival Lexmark launching its own new all-in-one device.

  • Ocean Sponge May Be Best For Fiber Optics

    Scientists say they have identified an ocean sponge living in the darkness of the deep sea that grows thin glass fibers capable of transmitting light at least as well as industrial fiber optic cables used for telecommunication.