• <i>CRN</i> Interview: Mercury Interactive's Amnon Landan

    Mercury Interactive commands half of the global market for tools that test pre-production software. It's also staked a leading role in the market for application management. Now, with its June acquisition of Kintana, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company is making a grab for a bigger share of the post-production space. Chairman, President and CEO Amnon Landan spoke with CRN West Coast Bureau Chief Rochelle Garner about Mercury's changing focus and the role of the channel.

  • Transmeta Seeks Efficeon Support

    Transmeta has finally taken the wraps off its next-generation processor, the Efficeon TM800, but the company is still looking for major OEM and channel support.

  • Novell's Linux Coup

    Novell's planned $210 million acquisition of SUSE Linux promises to give Red Hat more grueling competition for Linux dollars on U.S. soil and will present Microsoft with a bigger Linux headache.

  • SOHOs&rsquo; False Sense Of Security Opens Doors

    While firewalls have become ubiquitous among midsize and large businesses, many SOHO users choose to believe that their computers are not attractive targets to the hacker community. After all, a thief would target a mansion, not a small home.

  • Linksys, SMC Wireless Receivers Fall Short

    One of the hottest new items in the home integration craze is the wireless media receiver, which is designed to allow consumers to stream multimedia content (audio, pictures and video) from a PC to a home entertainment center, stereo or other presentation device. The CRN Test Center reviewed two receivers, the Linksys Wireless-B Media Adapter and the SMC Networks EZ-Stream Universal Wireless Multimedia Receiver, and found that both products fall far short of their intended goal.

  • HP's New Server A Good Fit For Small Businesses

    Many systems integrators have forsaken the traditional file server to sell server appliance-based solutions to the small-business market. That trend has been driven by a wealth of factors such as lower costs, easy installation and bundled applications.

  • <I>CRN</I> Interview: Mike Twomey, IBM Tivoli

    A year ago, IBM's Tivoli unit was the trailing player in IBM Software's drive to the channel. Today, Tivoli is quickly becoming the point guard that sets the play for IBM Software in the channel. As Tivoli moves to enrich ITS product suite, the latest addition to the company's game plan includes a recent upgrade to IBM's identity management software.

  • Test Center: HP&rsquo;s New Media Center PC Packs Multimedia Punch

    By combining top-of-the-line processing power with everything a user needs to create a digital entertainment system, Hewlett-Packard's Media Center m370n Photosmart PC can provide an entry point for savvy solution providers looking to enter the home and SOHO networking/multimedia markets, the CRN Test Center found.

  • Researcher Says Media Center PCs Will Push PC-TV Sales

    A consumer electronics device called a "media center PC" that captures TV programming, digitizes it and stores programming on a hard disk drive could emerge as a key product for manufacturers over the next several years, according to a market researcher.

  • EDS Names Two Executives

    EDS on Thursday named Michael Boustridge VP for its global sales operations unit and Scot McDonald as VP, controller and chief accounting officer.