• CryptoCard Solves the Security vs. Convenience Dilemma

    It's a fact: The more secure the network, the more inconvenient the access becomes for end users. Best practices often force administrators to use complex password and security schemes that become more and more cryptic as time passes. While that process may help to ensure security, there certainly are undesirable side effects that, over time, will weaken the system.

  • Microsoft SBS Defined

    Microsoft's launch of Small Business Server 2003 last week demonstrates the company's desire to address the needs of the largest possible segment of small businesses. The product comes in two versions, a low-priced Standard Edition (see Test Center coverage at and a higher-cost, feature-laden Premium Edition.

  • Backup Plans Should Consider Local Data

    Backing up data is one of the most critical business functions, yet it is often executed improperly. Backups are primarily performed at the server level, due to the recognized importance of critical network stored data.

  • Raritan KVM Switch Offers Remote-Control Flexibilty

    KVM switches provide an excellent way for individual administrators to manage multiple computers or servers in data centers or testing labs from a single machine, but until recently they have been able to provide only local control. Raritan Computer, one of the best-known KVM, or keyboard-video-mouse, vendors in the market, introduces excellent remote control with its new Dominion KSX KVM switch.

  • Another First for VoIP: Retail Stores

    The first VoIP thrust into retail markets is being launched this week as seven Staples Business Expo locations begin demonatrations of i2 Telecom International's InternetTalker.

  • Accenture Sees Increase In Sales And Income

    IT services and consulting firm Accenture posted a 12% increase in revenue in its fiscal fourth quarter as sales rose from $2.69 billion a year ago to $3.02 billion. Per-share earnings were 25 cents on operating income of $350 million, compared with 8 cents--or $148 million in income--a year ago when the company lost $15 million on investments and took a $111 million charge against earnings for real-estate consolidation.

  • Intuit Apologizes To TurboTax Customers

    Hoping to win back alienated customers, personal software maker Intuit Inc. is formally apologizing to users of its popular TurboTax program who rebelled against an anti-piracy feature the company introduced last year.

  • Microsoft Preaches The Customer Imperative

    There was nothing subtle about the message from two of Microsoft's top sales executives here: Solution providers must view the industry through the eyes of their customers or risk obsolesce.