• No-Reboot Fibre-Channel HBAs For Windows From JNI

    JNI Corporation Monday plans to announce a new line of 2 Gbyte HBAs that brings the benefits of Fibre Channel SANs to the SMB sector. The ZStar Series includes two HBA models: the Z210 is a single-port 2Gbyte HBA for the PCI-X bus, and the Z220 is a dual-port model. The ZStar HBAs offer complete auto-configuration of SAN topology, link speed, and LUN discovery and mapping, and the bundled EZ Fibre utility lets administrators make configuration changes without having to reboot the server.

  • Apple Sues Apple

    The Beatles' record company Apple Corps Ltd. has sued Apple Computer Inc., claiming the computer maker's iTunes products violate a 1991 agreement that the Beatles said meant the Silicon Valley computer maker would stay out of the music business.

  • The Many Faces Of Content Filtering

    A recent rash of virus outbreaks, astronomical increases in spam and a general growth in privacy concerns have brought content filtering to the forefront of business management practices. Add a dash of business productivity concerns and the need to filter inappropriate content, and there has never been a better time for solution providers to offer content filtering technologies.

  • Examine Live IP Traffic With Expert Observer

    City traffic planners generally know the roads most cars will travel. But to get a clear picture of what's happening at specific intersections, one must go to the intersection itself and take a look. Network traffic is much the same; for the most part, packets end up where they're supposed to, even with the bottlenecks that occur from time to time. But to know for sure exactly what's happening on a network, you need a software tool such as Network Instruments' Expert Observer.