• When a Firewall Won't Cut It

    If all goes according to plan in 2003, then this should be the year in which security sales take off. In fact, according to our State of the Market issue last month, more than one-third of solution providers believe security will be the fastest-growing part of their businesses in 2003.

  • Bob Dinkle's Plans For CA Services

    Between accounting and securities investigations, and then the departure of founder and chairman Charles Wang, Computer Associates had a rough 2002. But those were really "distractions," says Bob Dinkel, CA's senior vice president for services in North America, who's laying the groundwork for growth this year in a number of ways.

  • Location: The New Killer App

    The combination of geographic information systems (GIS) and enterprise databases has become the catalyst for powerful--and profitable--applications. And as more mobile devices become location-aware, opportunities for VARs with creative approaches to business will be easy to locate.

  • Firefly Powers Down Disk Drives

    We have ecologically friendly cars, so why not environmentally friendly storage devices? That's what executives at a Golden, Colo.-based company called Asaca say they have designed with their new Firefly DM series,a disk-based library for backup that uses no robotics and can power-on or power-down at the flick of a switch.

  • Cranking Up Business Performance

    The ever-growing world of enterprise software (and enterprise software acronyms) has a new kid on the block. As companies search for ways to knit together their networks, share information and use it to make strategic decisions, business performance management, or BPM, has begun to hit the channel.