• Multimedia, Networking To Lead Home Market

    Combining high-bandwidth access, multiple computers, multimedia devices and home office equipment, many of today's homes offer interesting ground-floor and integration opportunities. Considering how much any home maintenance or improvements cost, and it's easy to see how lucrative the opportunity is.

  • M7 Suite Update Offers Better Way To Assemble Applications

    M7 last week released version 4.0 of Application Assembly Suite, its rich development tool. The suite comes in two versions: Professional Edition, a stripped-down version of the older Enterprise Edition that can neither execute Enterprise JavaBeans nor work with application servers; and the more robust Enterprise Edition, which was reviewed by the CRN Test Center.

  • Web Services May Give New Life To ASPs

    The all-but-failed ASP model may enjoy a resurgence thanks to a confluence of reductions in integration cost, the emergence of Web services standards and the model's quick ROI. The cost of integrating ASPs into the enterprise is dropping because of Web services and service-oriented architectures. The ROI is fast because up-front and long-term costs are minimized, allowing businesses to remain financially cautious and liquid.

  • HP Rolls Out Smart Office Program For SMBs

    While the rest of Washington, D.C., shut down Thursday to avoid the gale force wins and rain of Hurricane Isabel, HP went ahead with its planned rollout of its new Smart Office program, its competitive foray into developing solutions for small and midsize business customers. But there were a few hitches.

  • SEMI's August Book-To-Bill Falls Below Estimates

    North American-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted a book-to-bill ratio of 0.91 in August, up slightly from 0.90 in July, according to new figures from Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).

  • PeopleSoft Releases More Oracle E-Mail

    PeopleSoft on Thursday released Oracle e-mail that provided another peek at the behind-the-scenes sniping and public relations posturing that have spiced the $7.5 billion hostile takeover battle between the two rivals.

  • Microsoft Adds Two To Board

    Microsoft is asking shareholders to expand its board in a move toward greater director independence and international experience for the leadership of a company that has tangled fiercely with governments worldwide.

  • New Worm Masquerades As Security Update

    A new worm that tries to take advantage of Windows users anxious to get their hands on security updates began making the rounds on Thursday, several antivirus firms confirmed.

  • Net Worth Of America's Richest People Increases

    After two years of declines, the total net worth of America's richest people rose 10 percent to $955 billion this year from 2002, according to Forbes magazine's annual ranking of the nation's 400 wealthiest individuals.