• Companies Still Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

    Now that an entire year has passed since the darkest day in this nation's history, one might think that businesses and government agencies across the land have invested big bucks to provide better redundancy and information security. But the reality is while that has happened to some degree, many enterprises are just as vulnerable on this Sept. 11 as they were last.

  • A Tough Year For Many VARBusiness 500 Stocks

    Like most public companies whose Wall Street fortunes are directly tied to overall investor confidence and can be adversely impacted by specific events, members of the 2002 VARBusiness 500 community saw their companies' shares significantly hurt by market conditions caused by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

  • Review: Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus 2003 and Symantec Client Security

    Network security has become one of those top of mind issues, especially with the recent anniversaries of 9/11 and Nimda (9/18/01. And )one of the leading names in the security business is Symantec. But the latest round of security software from Symantec confounds more than clarifies the choices that individuals, enterprises, and solutions providers have in protecting their networks. And figuring out the differences between Norton Anti-Virus 2003 and Symantec Client Security--the company's two latest releases--won't be easy.

  • Apple To Go Mac OS X-Only

    Beginning in January, Apple plans to make all new Macintosh computers start up only in its Unix-based Mac OS X operating system, the Cupertino, Calif., vendor said Tuesday at the Apple Expo here.

  • Intel Invests In NetBSD Developer Wasabi

    Intel has acquired an equity stake in Wasabi Systems, a developer and provider of the NetBSD operating system for embedded applications, as part of a partnership to develop storage and networking solutions based on the chip giant's XScale technology.