• Toshiba, SanDisk To Produce 4-Gigabit Flash Memory

    Toshiba and SanDisk on Wednesday announced that they have developed a new high-density NAND flash memory cell structure that will allow them to produce flash memory chips in 2- and 4-gigabit sizes as early as the first half of 2004.

  • Sun Exec Shows Off Project Rave

    Back-to-back demo crashes notwithstanding, Sun Microsystems executives on Wednesday exhorted JavaOne attendees here to "keep pushing the envelope" in their Java application development projects.

  • Test Center Looks At RIM Webmail For SMB

    Research In Motion is taking a second aim at the small- and midsize-business market with its Webmail service. The company early this month updated the offering, and a CRN Test Center analysis indicates the vendor has done a better job of hitting the mark this time around.

  • Seen And Heard: New Developments At JavaOne

    Sun Microsystems might be JavaOne's emcee and most notable participant, but a host of other software companies this week also have lined the developer conference with announcements of their own. SAP, Borland, Hewlett-Packard and ATG are among the larger names to roll out new products or programs targeted at the Java developer community. The following is a sampling of what these companies are touting:

  • Hands-On Review: eEye’s Secure IIS

    When it comes to security, your client's Web server is the weakest link, and it is an especially weak one when it comes to running Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). There are a variety of ways you can protect yourself -- locking down its numerous loopholes, installing an applications-level firewall, putting IIS on its own isolated DMV network. An alternative is to use eEye's Secure IIS software tool.