• Securing the Enterprise

    GOVERNMENT In response to the near-daily reminders from the Department of Homeland Defense to remain cautious and to be alert to suspicious activity, enterprises are waging war against the infiltration of increasingly sophisticated computer viruses. Vendors and security administrators continue to up the ante when it comes to bolstering defenses.

  • Insight Lowers 1Q Estimates

    Large corporate customers aren't buying products because of economic uncertainty in a wartime environment, according to Insight Enterprises.

  • Survey Says: Safety First

    What's the biggest concern facing CIOs in the health-care industry? If you guessed HIPAA,the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act,you'd be wrong. More than half,52 percent,say their top IT priorities are patient safety and reducing medical errors, according to this year's annual Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) survey.

  • VARs React To Cisco's Acquisition of Linksys

    A spot survey of Cisco partners Thursday indicates they view the company's purchase of home networking provider Linksys Group as an opportunity to boost sales to the small business customer.

  • Brown Out At EDS

    Electronic Data Systems CEO Richard H. Brown has resigned and will be replaced by former CBS executive Michael H. Jordan, the company announced Thursday.

  • How Vis.align Keeps Reinventing Itself

    There is a quote on Vis.align's Web site from president and CEO Jennifer Horrocks that reads, "Luck is 10 percent opportunity and 90 percent preparedness." Horrocks knows the lesson well. After co-founding Vis.align in 1989, she has guided the West Chester, Pa., solution provider through several transitions, and is now using experience gained to help customers in similar positions.

  • Cisco To Bolster Linksys Product Line

    Cisco Systems plans to beef up newly acquired Linksys products to improve the overall price/performance and functionality of those offerings, said Charlie Giancarlo, senior vice president and general manager of product development at Cisco.