• Slammer Worm Hit FirstEnergy Computers In January

    The electric utility at the center of the blackout inquiry already faced official complaints for earlier power outages blamed on outdated equipment and trees too close to power lines, public records show. Those failures in a Cleveland suburb are among some of the same problems linked to last week's massive outages.

  • Dell Follows IBM With Server Price Cuts

    A day after IBM cut prices on some of its Intel-based servers by 15 percent in a bid to grab business specifically from Dell customers, Dell fired its own pricing salvo with cuts on a wide range of products.

  • HP Reports Flat Earnings

    As a result of aggressive pricing in its PC business, HP Tuesday reported relatively flat earnings the third quarter that fell below Wall Street expectations. Revenue for the period ended July 31, were $17.4 billion up 5 percent year-over-year. While profits were sharply up over the same quarter last year -- $297 million compared to a $2.02 billion loss -- analysts were expecting slightly higher earnings for the period. Profits for the period were only 1.7 percent of revenues.

  • Gateway Revamps Channel Program

    Gateway is rolling out a more streamlined, formalized channel program to help drive commercial and home product sales and services through solution providers.

  • FTC Chair: Do-Not-Spam List Won't Help

    Federal Trade Commission Chairman Timothy Muris said Tuesday that efforts in Congress to establish a list of Internet users who don't want "spam" e-mails won't fix the growing problem.

  • Fiorina Vows HP Earnings Improvements

    Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina acknowledges that the company's third-quarter earnings were a disappointment but vowed that "every one of our businesses will be profitable" in the fourth quarter.