• <I>CRN</I> Interview: John Schwarz, Symantec

    Symantec shook up the Internet security market last month when it bought managed security provider Riptech, intrusion-detection vendor Recourse Technologies and SecurityFocus, a provider of threat and vulnerability data, for a combined $355 million. Earlier last month, the company also bought Mountain Wave, a maker of security management software and services, for $20 million. Symantec President and COO John Schwarz spoke with CRN West Coast Bureau Chief Marcia Savage about the acquisitions.

  • RSA Discloses Possible SEC Civil Injunction

    Staff members with the Securities and Exchange Commission are considering launching a civil injunctive proceeding against RSA Security and some of its officers, the vendor said in a filing with the SEC.

  • Product Spotlignt: Iomega Zip 750

    Iomega made a name for itself in 1994 with the original Zip drive, which offered the then-astonishing 100 Mbytes per disk. Then came a 250-Mbyte version. Now Iomega has unveiled a 750-Mbyte Zip drive, which is backward-compatible for the read function but can write only to Zip 250 disks. At $15 per 750-Mbyte disk, the media is much more costly than similar-capacity CDs.

  • IBM Global Services, Transportation Company Ink Data Center Deal

    The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, which operates one of the largest freight rail lines in North America, is getting ready to turn over key parts of its data center operations to IBM Global Services in a unique arrangement where the two companies will try to pool expertise to develop new revenue opportunities in the transportation industry.

  • Autodesk Cuts Quotas

    In an unprecedented move, Autodesk has cut its quarterly sales quotas for solution providers and adopted a monthly spiff program.

  • Wyse To Unveil New Windows-Based Thin Clients

    Taking advantage of one of the few markets actually showing growth in a bear market, Wyse Technology this week is expected to unveil new thin clients based on the latest versions of Microsoft's operating systems.