• On Eve of BrainShare, Novell Courts Partners

    Hoping to rekindle ties with old friends, Novell has quietly begun courting spurned business partners that once helped contribute to the company's top line but have since moved on.

  • Compaq: We Learned Our Merger Lesson With DEC

    If approved, the merger between Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer will draw upon lessons from earlier mergers, including those from Compaq's less-than-successful integration of Digital Equipment Corp. four years ago, according to the Compaq official heading the integration talks.

  • Veritas NetBackup Gets A Makeover

    The growing importance of backing up data has prompted Veritas Software to bolster its product offerings in an area that often is time-consuming for most IT shops.

  • Java War Rages on Between Sun, Microsoft

    The biggest software company in the world found itself the target of yet another lawsuit last week as Sun Microsystems revived the bitter feud over Java with Microsoft.

  • PCs In Easy-To-Take Tablet Form

    Perhaps it may seem like deja vu, but PC vendors are betting that pen-based tablet computers will give budget-strapped IT managers a reason to equip employees with systems that have the power, capacity and functionality of desktops, yet are more portable than notebooks. And because they can be used with wireless networks, tablets will let employees discreetly access e-mail, enterprise data or even the Internet while sitting in a conference room or meeting with a customer.

  • The Storage Front Line

    Welcome to the new frontier of storage. In the past few months, most top vendors have outlined their visions for storage-management software with the hope it will become another cash cow.

  • BEA Looking In New Directions

    As the former president and COO of BEA, Alfred Chuang often stayed in the background while friend and fellow founder Bill Coleman drove the company. Last October, however, during what was arguably the most trying time in the history of BEA,the recession was hurting business and the company lost two employees in the Sept. 11 attacks,Chuang took over as CEO.