• Online Phone Monitoring Sticky for FBI

    Wiretapping takes on a whole new meaning now that phone calls are being made over the Internet, posing legal and technical hurdles for the FBI as it seeks to prevent the emerging services from becoming a safe haven for criminals and terrorists.

  • Microsoft OKs Minor Changes in Windows

    Microsoft has agreed to a government request for minor changes in its Windows operating system to make it easier for consumers to use software from rival companies to browse Web pages, listen to music and send instant messages.

  • Up Close With Micro Warehouse CEO Jerome York

    It has been more than three years since Jerome York stepped down as CFO of IBM. But don't think he hasn't been busy. York is now chairman, president and CEO of Micro Warehouse, which is transforming itself from an inbound catalog and online VAR to an outbound marketing and sales machine. But that's not without myriad challenges.

  • VARBusiness Interview: Linksys CEO Victor Tsao

    What does Cisco's stock purchase of Linksys mean in the long term for the home networking provider's channel partners and products? VARBusiness editors David Strom and Robert DeMarzo recently spoke to Linksys CEO Victor Tsao and found out firsthand.

  • Microsoft, Sun Argue Java Injunction

    Lawyers for software giant Microsoft Corp. asked a federal appeals court Thursday to lift a lower court's injunction requiring it to include a competitor's product in its Windows operating system.

  • Dell And Oracle Partner Extend Partnership

    It's no secret that Dell Computer prides itself on being the low-cost provider of commodity servers and storage. Likewise, Oracle has also jumped on that bandwagon during the past year. But now the two have a vision of moving into the data center -- together.

  • Groove Eyes Small Businesses With Collaboration Starter Kits

    Groove Networks, a Beverly, Mass.-based company backed by funding from Microsoft, has made a play for the small-business market and now offers a scaled-down version of its Groove Workspace software that can set a small shop on the path to online collaboration for less than the price of a new PC.

  • HP Cuts Midrange Unix Server Prices

    Hewlett-Packard has slashed prices on its midrange Unix servers in a move to tighten its grip on a market that the company has led for the last six years.

  • Net Access: To Tax Or Not To Tax

    Representatives sympathetic to the interests--and pocketbooks--of Internet service providers went head-to-head with state tax administrators at a Congressional hearing this week over legislation to permanently ban local and state governments from taxing Net access.

  • Microsoft Manager Accused of Theft Dies

    A Microsoft manager accused of stealing $9 million worth of software to buy fancy cars, diamond rings and a yacht died from drinking antifreeze, the King County Medical Examiner's Office reported.