• Intel To Beef Up 'Intel Inside'

    Intel is expanding its "Intel Inside" marketing program that targets the white-box market with funding for product acquired through authorized channels.

  • Pushing ‘Grid Computing’ To New Heights

    The movement to leverage "grid" computing for commercial data processing is gaining steam in the corporate sector, with companies as large as JPMorgan Chase and General Motors creating global networks using these supercomputer networks.

  • Q and A: Burgum Sounds Off On Microsoft’s Midmarket Attack

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Doug Burgum, president of Microsoft Business Solutions and a Microsoft senior vice president, spoke recently with CRN Industry Editor Barbara Darrow about the company's new CRM push and its attempt to position itself as a friend to ISVs. Burgum is leading Microsoft's charge into midmarket business applications.

  • AccPac’s Midmarket Mission

    After more than two decades of sticking to core accounting solutions, AccPac International has been making big moves of late to widen its reach and turn itself into the dominant end-to-end e-business software company for the lucrative midmarket.

  • IBM’s PwC Purchase Complicates Vendor Alliances

    Expect a fast-paced round of vendor-integrator musical chairs to play out in Q4 as IBM's $3.5 billion acquisition of PwC Consulting forces Big Blue's competitors from all corners of the market to rethink their relationships with the former Big Five consulting firm. The way we see it, here are a few of the once-strong alliances that stand to fall apart once the deal is done:

  • Armed For Storage Wars

    Hardware vendors and software-only vendors competing heavily for mind share and market share are rolling out new products and capabilities aimed at automating storage management across multivendor platforms.

  • Startup Looks Beyond 802.11

    New peer-to-peer technology from startup Greenpacket promises to let mobile workers create wireless LANs on the fly without the need for 802.11 infrastructure.

  • Too Much, Too Fast

    Solution providers would like vendors to put the brakes on rushing to market with ever-faster wireless networking products.