• Intel Gets Inside the Channel

    Intel's new president, Paul Otellini, made a strong statement to the solution-provider channel last month when he flew into town to schmooze with premiere partners and give the opening keynote at Intel's Solutions Summit 2002 in Phoenix. His message: The channel is vital to Intel's go-to-market strategies and is on the minds of even its highest executives.

  • Microsoft Moves Into CRM Marketplace

    For some time now, industry watchers had been expecting Microsoft to make a play for the burgeoning CRM software market, either through acquisition or its own product line. Essentially, Microsoft, which acquired Great Plains Software last year, did both and is now turning the CRM market into a very crowded battlefield.

  • A Shift In IT Priorities

    In the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election crisis in Florida, every voting method,from the infamous butterfly ballots to the ancient lever machines,came under scrutiny. Once the election was decided by a mere 537 votes, Florida sought to dump the outdated voting equipment that had led to the mess and bring the state into the 21st century.

  • What’s In the Stars For Sun?

    As an insider's game, distribution isn't known for producing many candid, frank executives willing to go on record with their concerns or opinions about key markets. MOCA president Rich Severa is a notable exception.

  • Oracle's Marathon Man: George Roberts

    It's a bright morning in Boca Raton, Fla., and the man who is executive vice president of Oracle's North American sales is trying to win over partners, one by one. Although he's addressing a small group, George Roberts finds himself in the midst of a large ornate ballroom at the swanky Resort and Beach Club. He's regaled in full business attire,a three-piece suit,a rarity since the heady dot-com days, and he stands in stark contrast to most in the group who are sporting business-casual attire.

  • Pick the Right Sales Team

    One of the challenges of effectively selling solutions to potential customers is assuring that you have a skilled sales team. While sales managers often focus most of their efforts on recruiting great sales reps, there's another key area of their sales teams that needs just as much attention, sales engineers.

  • Room To Improve?

    Qwest Communications International's Business Partner Program has hit a few bumps lately, according to solution providers.

  • Wireless Hotspots

    Mobile solution providers are uncovering new sources of revenue from an industry movement to stitch together Wi-Fi "hot-spots" across the country.