• The Midmarket: A World of Change For VARs

    When he calls on small and midsize customers along the Western Montana range, sales specialist Bruce Moutaw leaves behind his ties and loafers. Instead, it's Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots the transplanted Southern Californian dons when he goes prospecting. The business-development manager from Information Systems of Montana in Helena, recognizes the need and value to provide prospective midsize customers with a feeling that he knows and understands their businesses and IT needs.

  • Getting To Know You: Quintessential Midsize Customers

    When the deadline approached for customers to lock into Microsoft's Software Assurance pricing last year, Mina Millett, CIO of Dolby Laboratories, wasn't quite sure what to do. It was a question of paying up front to lock into the old pricing plan vs. waiting until it was time to roll out new software and having to spend more. Would the next version of Windows Server be worth rolling out? How about the next desktop and Office platforms? Millett was in a quandary over which was the right bet to place.

  • How To Build a Profitable Midsize Customer Business

    If you want to reach deep into the hearts, minds... and pockets of the midsize customer, then it's time to shape your business around the fact that they're driven by two burning imperatives: to pay less and get more.

  • What Midmarket Customers <i>Really</i> Want

    Mention enterprise businesses to Michael Oh, and you'll likely see his eyes roll. The president of Boston-based solution provider Tech Superpowers is a big fan of the midmarket customer segment. In fact, he rarely touches large corporations. That's because Oh's business focuses on Apple products, wireless technology and other cutting-edge solutions that get a cold reception from big businesses.

  • Scaling Down Software For the Midmarket

    Like many solution providers that sell software to midmarket companies, Carrier Logistics has gone the extra mile and then some to become a domain expert for its transportation-industry customers.

  • Securing the Midmarket's Borders

    VARs and the companies they sell to come in all shapes and sizes, from one-person shops to massive, multinational corporations. But when it comes to security concerns, just about every one of them is on the same page. That includes the midmarket space.