• Sales Tax Brouhaha

    A cash-strapped state of California is eyeing regulations that could impose an 8 percent sales tax on competitive-pricing back-end rebates that solution providers receive for IT products purchased through distributors.

  • Microsoft Revises Protocol Licensing

    Leading up to the Windows Server 2003 launch last week, Microsoft quietly announced revisions to its server protocol licensing program as part of its antitrust settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

  • IBM Gives A Boost To AMD Processor Launch

    Advanced Micro Devices rolled out its long-awaited Opteron 64-bit processors for servers and high-end workstations last week,and received an unexpected boost from IBM, which said it plans to begin shipping servers based on the platform by the year's end.

  • ATG Qualifies Partners

    Art Technology Group last week launched a channel program to help customers identify solution providers best-qualified to meet their needs.

  • Office 2003 Debut Now Seen Delayed

    Microsoft said last week that Office 2003 will see yet another round of beta testing, a move solution providers believe could result in a delayed launch for the product.

  • Microsoft Preaches ROI

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer last week did his best to persuade partners and buyers that the long-delayed Windows Server 2003 will help jump-start IT spending.

  • Cisco Program Zeros In On SMB

    At its Partner Summit two weeks ago, Cisco Systems unveiled Growing With Technology Solutions, a program featuring a portfolio of SMB-centric solutions that are designed to be sold through Cisco partners.