• Walter Hewlett Maintains Hope, Says Bears No Ill Will

    At a press conference on Tuesday following Hewlett-Packard's stockholder meeting, Walter Hewlett thanked stockholders for their patience in the proxy fight and said the outcome is impossible to know until all the votes are counted, which could take weeks.

  • Solution Providers Concerned About Future HP-Compaq Channel

    Hewlett-Packard's management has declared victory in its battle to win shareholder approval of the company's planned merger with Compaq Computer. Though a final tally of Tuesday's vote must be verified, solution providers say they're concerned that the new company might enact a dual channel strategy.

  • Fujitsu Unveils New VAR Drive Program

    Fujitsu Computer Products of America introduced a partner program that offers storage solution providers pre- and post-sales support for the company's enterprise hard drives and magneto-optical drives.

  • Hewlett Refuses To Concede Defeat

    In a Tuesday afternoon press conference, dissident Hewlett-Packard board member Walter Hewlett said the HP shareholder vote on the proposed merger with Compaq Computer is still too close to call.

  • Fiorina Refuses To Specify Vote Tally

    Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina refused to give a specific count in Tuesday's shareholder vote on the proposed merger with Compaq Computer, but she declared that there's a "slim but sufficient margin" of shareholders voting in support of the $22 billion deal.

  • For One VAR, 'HP-Compaq' Is A Ho-Hum Event

    While the business media and high-tech financial analysts spent much of Tuesday monitoring the happenings at Hewlett-Packard's Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, where the fate of HP's proposed merger with Compaq was being decided by a shareholder vote, Jeff Goldberg, president of Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Washington Computer Services, kept himself busy with other lower-profile matters--running his business, to be specific.

  • HP Anti-Merger Sentiment: Misleading?

    Some Hewlett-Packard shareholders said the anti-merger sentiment at Tuesday's shareholder vote on the merger with Compaq Computer may be misleading because many retired and former HP employees opposing the deal attended the meeting.