• Kodak Buys Digital Conversion Technology

    Eastman Kodak said Monday it is acquiring rapid film processing technology to enable its retail-based photo kiosks to convert a roll of film into a digital CD in seven minutes.

  • Itanium 2 Flaw Could Require BIOS Update Or Chip Swap

    Nearly one year after it began shipping its first Itanium 2 processors, Intel says it has learned of a flaw in the processor that could require a BIOS update or the need to swap current McKinley processors for the newest version of Itanium 2, known as Madison. Intel says it can't say how many processors will be affected.

  • Microsoft:'iLoo' Internet Project a Hoax

    Microsoft In an e-mail sent last week to The Associated Press, Red Consultancy's Ben Philipson wrote "MSN is really working on building a prototype for the Summer festivals, perhaps Glastonbury ... This is very much a 'toe in the water' experiment to gauge interest so we'll have to see how it goes, although judging from response so far it's really captured people's imagination!"

  • System Builders Gather At Annual XChange Tech Builder Summit

    Notable vendors, VARs and system builders gathered together for the annual XChange Tech Builder event last month in Coronado, Calif. [The event is sponsored by CMP Media, parent company of VARBusiness magazine.] There was plenty of time for system builders to meet and reconnect, as well as for vendors to recruit new channel partners. Several vendors unveiled new product plans at the show.

  • Fizzer Worm On The Loose

    A new Internet worm was spreading rapidly Monday via e-mail and the Kazaa peer-to-peer file-sharing program, security vendors said.

  • Avnet, Microsoft To Disclose Pact

    Avnet Hall-Mark and Microsoft this week plan to unveil a pact giving the distributor rights to sell Windows Server 2003 and certain server applications to the channel.

  • LANDesk Launches New Suite

    A new desktop, server and device management suite introduced by LANDesk this week touts such capabilities as software license monitoring and operating system migrations.

  • Centra Adds Value To Web Conferencing Platform

    Facing increased competition from Microsoft and Lotus, Centra Software is integrating its realtime communications software with Windows desktop and enterprise applications to stay ahead of the curve.