• A Q&A With the Father of Java, James Gosling

    James Gosling, rightfully, is referred to often as the father of Java. A member of the Sun Microsystems design team that wrote and implemented the now-ubiquitous programming language, Gosling has helped put a public face on the open-platform movement. But while Java has gone on to define the de-facto development environment for distributed enterprise applications, Sun has not emerged the market leader in J2EE platforms or tools.

  • A Glimpse Into Insight’s Transformation

    Talk about a growth spurt: After acquiring Comark in April 2002, Insight effectively doubled its size and helped solidify its position in the solutions--not just products--marketplace. Although Insight is not quite done with its transformation into a new-age solution provider capable of supplying more than 200,000 IT products from 1,500 vendors, with world-class services to thousands of customers to boot, the company has made remarkable progress. At the end of last year, it nearly cracked the ranks of the Fortune 500, finishing at No.

  • How To Pick A Platform

    Inflection points. The make-or-break moments that come along only a few times in the life of a technology, industry or company. This is the story of how Enigma chairman and CEO Jonathan Yaron recognized when he had reached one of those fateful moments, and how he decided to go with a J2EE-based platform. It all happened three years ago during an annual review of Enigma 3C, the independent software developer's suite of Windows-based support-chain applications for aerospace, automotive and other manufacturing clients.

  • Breach of Security

    Software piracy is rampant, but the last place you'd expect to find it is within a security technology firm. Nevertheless, Foundstone, a well-known security company based in Mission Viejo, Calif., has found itself being investigated for software piracy by the Software & Information Association (SIIA), a trade group dedicated to intellectual-property protection.