• Novell Acquisition of SuSE Linux Is Industry-Changing Event, Says Vice Chairman

    For years, Novell has tried to come up with an OS alternative to its one-time market leading network operating systems software, NetWare. It bought the rights to Unix and began a series of forays into NetWare alternatives and derivatives including SuperNOS, UnixWare, Portable NetWare, Processor Independent NetWare, etc. Promising though some were, none met with any commercial success. Certainly, none ever generated the excitement and enthusiasm that Linux has.

  • Red Hat Starts Phasing Out For-Free Linux

    Number one Linux vendor Red Hat is phasing out support for its for-free Linux line and pushing its customers to move instead to the for-a-fee Enterprise Linux, the company said this week.

  • IBM Creates On-Demand Prices For Desktops

    IBM's flexible pricing strategy is being applied to office PCs and printers. The company's Global Services unit, which already sells heavy-duty computing power to big businesses on a pay-as-you-go basis, Tuesday launched Workplace On Demand, a program under which business customers can acquire and maintain equipment from desktops to PDAs for one monthly bill that varies based on the number of users.

  • Legra Fields Wireless-LAN Switch

    Armed with a parallel cryptography ASIC and a wireless-networking processor, Legra Systems Inc. will announce the debut of its switch-based wireless local-area network products. The fledgling company's LS2012 switch will go head to head with the offerings of other startups promising architectures that deliver security, scalability, ease of installation, ease of use and low implementation costs for Wi-Fi networking in the enterprise.

  • Avaya, Extreme Form Sales Pact

    Avaya and Extreme Networks Tuesday said they have entered a multimillion-dollar alliance to develop, market and sell communications solutions that marry Avaya's IP telephony products with data networking gear from Extreme.

  • InterSystems Enters EAI Market

    InterSystems on Monday unveiled its Ensemble server software, marking the company's first foray in the EAI market. The Ensemble platform incorporates the functions of integration server, application server, object database and application development and management environment.

  • Appeals Court To Consider Microsoft Antitrust Settlement

    The antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. is returning to the U.S. appeals court where the world's largest software company already has won significant victories since the government began investigating its business practices nearly a decade ago.