• Novell To Launch ExteNd 5 In October

    Novell plans to integrate its exteNd Web application server into NetWare 6.5 this summer and ship its next-generation Web services platform, exteNd 5, in the fall, Novell executives said Monday at BrainShare 2003 here.

  • CA Unveils Open Security Exchange

    Computer Associates International on Monday unveiled a collaborative effort with physical security vendors to define best practices and interoperability standards for enterprise security management.

  • NetWare 6.5 In Open Beta

    Novell plans to launch at BrainShare 2003 this week the open beta of NetWare 6.5 and update attendees about its Liberty Identity Provider for eDirectory and exteNd 5 Web services platform.

  • Intel's Delayed Processor For Canterwood Holds Promise

    Although Intel is delaying shipments of the 3GHz Pentium 4 with 800MHz front-side bus, performance tests by the CRN Test Center indicate Intel's Canterwood architecture, announced Monday, successfully eliminates bottlenecks that would have hampered future performance advances.

  • Enterprise Content Management Matures

    One of the unmistakable legacies of the Internet boom has been the ongoing torrent of new and ever more complex data types. Audio, video and different types of documents have blown past plain old text, threatening at various times to overwhelm the systems that stored them.

  • New Firewall Secures SMB Internet

    Smaller business networks and branch offices often rely on broadband-based Internet connectivity without considering security implications. Throw Wi-Fi-based networking into the mix, and even basic security can go out the window.

  • Flying High On Wireless

    The booming wireless market continues to spawn startups and sway traditional wired networking companies to hit the market with enterprise WLAN strategies and solutions.

  • Security In The Spotlight

    Identity management and Web services security will be key topics here at this week's RSA Conference, where vendors are expected to unveil technologies that promise to help solution providers seize new opportunities in the enterprise.