• Sybase PocketBuilder: True RAD Technology

    Sybase's newest development environment, Pocket PowerBuilder 1.0, targets Windows CE-based environments and bases most of its technology on PowerBuilder. The CRN Test Center believes that this RAD tool will attract mainstream developers who have been using fourth-generation language (4GL) into coding for wireless devices because it includes a sophisticated method of delivering data with minimal coding.

  • Pinpointing The Source Of Internet/ Intranet Problems

    Everyone has experienced a slow Internet connection at one time or another. Sometimes a Web site is just configured poorly, making it slow to react, or perhaps its connection to the Internet isn't hearty enough for the amount of traffic it gets. But sometimes a slow Internet connection is due to the computer or network someone is on rather than the one they're trying to access. DesktopPerspective from Visualware can be used to troubleshoot those connectivity problems.

  • Sony Ericsson P800: A PDA That Can Do It All

    Hybrid PDAs that provide converged voice and data really exploded on the scene a few years ago. In their infancy, the devices were rather large and clumsy with limited functionality, but the technology has evolved over the past couple of years. These handhelds now have developed into a huge moneymaker for both wireless network providers and distributors.

  • 3Com Takes On Cisco

    Solution providers said new products stemming from 3Com's joint venture with Huawei Technologies are helping the networking vendor pick up market share against rival Cisco Systems.

  • Sony, Samsung Discuss LCD Production Deal

    Computer and electronics vendor Sony says it is in talks with rival Samsung on a deal over the production of LCD monitors, as concerns about shrinking product availability in the LCD space have increased over the past few weeks.