• Spend a Minute With Cisco CEO John Chambers

    A year ago, Cisco CEO John Chambers pledged to help clean up Cisco's then over-crowded and hyper-competitive channel. Like we did a year ago, when we produced our cover story entitled "John Chambers and You," VARBusiness wants to take your concerns directly to Chambers himself. Take a minute and send us a question to pose Chambers by clicking here.

  • Sun Exec: Mad Hatter Late, But Coming Soon

    Sun Microsystems' Mad Hatter project is moving forward slower than planned but is expected show up in test form shortly, said Anil Gadre, vice president of software business management and marketing at the company.

  • Government Urges Backup System For Nation's Financial System

    Financial companies should make sure they have emergency backup systems to minimize disruption to the nation's financial system in the event of another terrorist strike or some other disaster, federal regulators said Tuesday.

  • BMC’s Beauchamp Outlines Software’s Future

    Times have never been tougher, but the opportunity to compete is there for vendors and VARs that can help companies align their IT and business strategies. That was the message delivered by BMC Software president and CEO Bob Beauchamp on Tuesday in the keynote address to the 9th annual Remedy User Group conference in San Francisco.

  • State CIOs Face Budget Cuts

    GOVERNMENT Faced with budget deficits through at least 2005, many state CIOs are confronted with having to cut their IT spending this fiscal year by anywhere from 5 to 20 percent. In a good number of states, short-term spending remains in limbo as governors and legislatures hammer out their state budgets. And that has many state CIOs, as well as their systems integration partners, frustrated as the fate of many initiatives including homeland security remains up in the air.

  • EMC vs. Hitachi: Ready For Business

    Several years ago, Hewlett-Packard and EMC had a very public divorce. HP ditched EMC over a branding dispute and went on to sell Hitachi Data Systems' storage,a device so poorly marketed that EMC executives easily dismissed it publicly as a knockoff of their own product. Back then, no one could have foreseen that the technology HP chose to substitute for EMC's high-end storage engine would someday be a threat to EMC.

  • Melillo Thrives In Post-HP-Compaq Merger World

    Mark Melillo, founder and president of Melillo Consulting, can breathe a sigh of relief now that the storm,i.e., the HP-Compaq merger,is over. But he won't. He and his enterprise systems-integrator business simply won't take extended breaks, and it's one of the reasons Melillo Consulting has stayed in business after 15 years in the channel.