• CRN Interview: Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems

    Sun Microsystems latest quarterly product launch covered a wide range of new products and services, including servers, storage, software and operating systems. The theme: integration of all these components into what Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy calls the "NC," or network computer. McNealy discussed that concept, as well as other Sun projects such as Orion and Mad Hatter, in an interview with CRN Senior Editor Joseph F. Kovar and CRN Infrastructure Editor Larry Hooper. Here are excerpts:

  • Sun Puts On Red Hat

    Sun Microsystems plans to use the popular Red Hat Linux distribution when it rolls out systems later this year based on a per-usage pricing model, an initiative dubbed Project Orion, according to Jonathan Schwartz, Sun's executive vice president of software.

  • Sun Partners Buzzing About Orion At iForce Summit

    There were shouts...and there were whispers this week at the 2003 Sun Microsystems iForce Partner Summit. The shouts came from Sun execs on stage, as they lauded new rebate incentives, midrange storage products and entry-level servers. The whispers, however, came from the roughly 750 partners darting in an out of general sessions and one-on one-meetings, and they were mostly about the potentially industry-shaking, but at this point, still-under-wraps Project Orion.

  • Spend a Minute With Cisco CEO John Chambers

    A year ago, Cisco CEO John Chambers pledged to help clean up Cisco's then over-crowded and hyper-competitive channel. Like we did a year ago, when we produced our cover story entitled "John Chambers and You," VARBusiness wants to take your concerns directly to Chambers himself. Take a minute and send us a question to pose Chambers by clicking here.

  • Sun Exec: Mad Hatter Late, But Coming Soon

    Sun Microsystems' Mad Hatter project is moving forward slower than planned but is expected show up in test form shortly, said Anil Gadre, vice president of software business management and marketing at the company.

  • Government Urges Backup System For Nation's Financial System

    Financial companies should make sure they have emergency backup systems to minimize disruption to the nation's financial system in the event of another terrorist strike or some other disaster, federal regulators said Tuesday.

  • BMC’s Beauchamp Outlines Software’s Future

    Times have never been tougher, but the opportunity to compete is there for vendors and VARs that can help companies align their IT and business strategies. That was the message delivered by BMC Software president and CEO Bob Beauchamp on Tuesday in the keynote address to the 9th annual Remedy User Group conference in San Francisco.