• Novell Software Surge

    Novell is gearing up for BrainShare 2002 with the launch of several new software products this month, including a major upgrade of its eDirectory, code-named Falcon.

  • Shades of Enron at MarchFirst

    It wasn't just the collapse of the dot com bubble that killed MarchFirst. Instead it was mismanagement, deception and wasteful spending on the part of its CEO and leadership team that did in the Web services giant, according to documents filed this week in bankruptcy court.

  • HP-Compaq Transition Plans Are Ready

    It took 600 full-time employees and 500,000 hours, but the "tough" decisions about products and channel strategies for a merged Hewlett-Packard-Compaq Computer have been made.

  • Right Database For XML

    EXcelon's release of eXtensible Information Server (XIS) 3.1.1 later this month will force IT managers to reassess how XML data is managed.

  • MOCA Delivers Data

    MOCA solution providers are giving a preliminary thumbs-up to a new data-mining tool that uncovers missed sales opportunities for Sun Microsystems products.

  • Microsoft Revisions May Benefit OEMs

    Microsoft's latest round of concessions in its four-year-old antitrust case pleases OEMs, but it's not enough to address concerns of the dissenting states, experts claim.

  • BEA Targets Web Services

    BEA Systems partners are lauding the company's moves to extend its reach beyond application servers and take on larger competitors such as IBM and Microsoft.