• SCO Argues Its Case

    The SCO Group told partners last week that its lawsuit against IBM and its 2004 product initiatives are not designed to destroy Linux but to preserve partners' Unix business.

  • WipeDrive Can Take The Data Away

    White-box builders selling refurbished computers that previously held information such as credit-card numbers, banking data and financial and medical records should invest in WhiteCanyon's WipeDrive 3.0. The software is specifically designed to erase any and all data previously stored on a hard drive.

  • Home Networking Market Presents Pricing Issues

    The home network presents a new revenue opportunity for small-business solution providers. But those entering that market must solve the pricing equation. While businesses are used to paying hourly fees and for service contracts, consumers,already hunting for rock-bottom product prices,find such costs hard to swallow.

  • Talkswitch Upgrade Is Free, Feature-Rich

    Centrepoint Technologies' release of new firmware for its TalkSwitch 48-NLS brings nine new features to an already feature-rich PBX. And there's better news: It's available for free.

  • ProactivePortal Performs With Impressive Results

    BackWeb's highly scalable, feature-rich ProactivePortal Server is an ideal choice for midmarket companies that rely heavily on large sales forces. CRN Test Center engineers tested ProactivePortal on CRN's Web servers for two months and were impressed with its synchronization features, high throughput and ease of use.

  • Crossbeam Appliance Aimed At Midmarket

    Solution providers looking to push high-end security capabilities down to the midmarket should consider Crossbeam Systems' C30, which is simple to deploy and offers excellent continuing revenue flow, such as its ability to manage multiport intrusion-detection systems (IDSes). The C30 blurs the line of distinction between a server appliance and a switch and offers solution providers tremendous opportunity for post-sale support.

  • Celestix Powers Up For SMBs

    Celestix Networks, a security appliance vendor in Fremont, Calif., is shipping a new remote-access appliance for VPNs based on the Windows 2003 platform.

  • VARs Must Weigh Implications Of Data Forensics

    Solution providers often have the background and intellectual capital necessary to enter the highly profitable data forensics and intrusion management markets, which are proving to be essential services for many businesses. But, beyond technical knowledge, the CRN Test Center notes that there are several challenges and specific steps to becoming effective in the investigative realm of data protection.