• When We Talk, Bill Listens

    Addressing 4,000 software developers for the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET at a "VSLive!" event in San Francisco last month, Microsoft's Bill Gates listed winning one of VARBusiness Editors' Choice Awards for the Top 10 New Products of the Year as further proof of the increasing .NET momentum in the IT community.

  • Has It Been 15 Years Already?

    Back in 1987, when this high-riding VAR graced our cover, we were still a supplement to Computer Systems News, a former high-tech CMP publication, not as fortunate to be celebrating its 15-year anniversary. VARBusiness' cover story discussed the emerging importance of signing agreements with software suppliers. Companies to buddy-up with: Lotus Development,this is some seven years before its buyout by IBM,and Ashton-Tate, subsequently bought by Borland in 1991.

  • Application Server Vendors Step Up Channel Activities

    For Brad Murphy, president and CEO of Web services company digitalESP, IBM has become the partner of choice in the competitive application-server arena,to the point where his company influences enough WebSphere revenue to be considered one of Big Blue's key business partners. In fact, at the recent PartnerWorld 2002 event in San Francisco, IBM execs chose Murphy as one of the partners they wanted onstage to help launch the new Web Services on WebSphere program.

  • Great Plains: One Year Later

    To get an idea of just how well a big company can assimilate a small company, take a look at Microsoft's acquisition of Great Plains Software. Only a year ago, Great Plains was on its own, a small but popular back-office software maker. Today, the Great Plains Web site is somewhat hard to find on Microsoft's home page, and even the site's search engine doesn't offer up many answers.

  • CA's Kumar Discusses Investigations

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Sanjay Kumar, CEO of Computer Associates International spoke recently with CRN Online Executive Producer Jeff O'Heir about the current investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. District Attorney into the company's accounting practices.

  • Andersen Seeks Buyer, Talking With Deloitte

    Embattled accounting firm Andersen, facing an exodus of prestigious clients and possible criminal charges for its role in the Enron scandal, is seeking a possible sale to rivals, an Andersen source told Reuters on Monday.

  • Veritas Revs NetBackup

    Veritas Software today unveiled a major update of NetBackup that includes enhanced disaster-recovery and storage management capabilities.

  • Calpers To Vote Against HP-Compaq Merger

    Calpers, the biggest U.S. pension fund, said Friday it would vote against the proposed $22 billion merger of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer on grounds the deal would not bring long-term value to its portfolio.