• Hard Facts: February 4, 2002

    As is the case with software vendors (CRN, Jan. 7-14), solution providers are giving higher marks to the channel programs of many key hardware vendors, according to the latest data from CRN's Channel Satisfaction Survey.

  • Standard Finally Debuts For Linux ISVs

    After a three-year effort, the open-source community has released a common Linux standard for ISVs. With that, proponents of the open-source operating system are betting on a higher availability of penguin-stamped applications on store shelves.

  • Management Shortcomings

    Failure often has many causes. But in my work, I see some problems over and over: Many solution providers struggle, for one, because they don't have what I call a "real CEO."

  • Lack of Differentiation

    You hear a lot about how the IT market is tight. Fees are dropping. Contracts are harder to get. What does this suggest? How about more competition chasing fewer customers in the existing markets? It might be time for something new.

  • Tech Data Assembles Enterprise-Focused Team

    Tech Data's enterprise solution providers are getting a new BOSS. The distributor has put together a program called Back Office Solution Specialists (BOSS) designed to provide specialized sales resources to customers tackling the enterprise market.

  • What Are IT’s Hottest Skills?

    True, there hasn't been a preeminent job market in recent months, but there's still a demand for IT professionals with the right skills, according to the semiannual RHI Consulting Hot Jobs Report, which surveyed more than 1,400 CIOs nationwide.

  • What Keeps Your Customers Up At Night?

    According to a study entitled "What Keeps the CIO Awake At Night: Top Worries For 2002," Giga Information Group says the top 10 things CIOs are worrying about this year include:

  • Microsoft’s Fickle Channel

    The last several months have been interesting for Microsoft channel partners. First, there were increasing incidents of channel conflict with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS). Then, there were shifts in the executive ranks for Microsoft's partner business, which led to a delay for the company's long-awaited rules of engagement for channel partners and MCS.

  • Get Ready For Solution Provider XChange

    CMP Media's annual Solution Provider XChange conference, the first channel-focused event of the new year, is fast approaching.

  • Military VARs Take Wall St.

    While it's no secret that Wall Street hasn't been kind to IT companies lately, at least one services sector has what it takes for success in the public arena.

  • A Look at Lucent’s New CEO

    Major technology companies, especially troubled ones, are turning to women for leadership. Patricia Russo, recently appointed CEO of Lucent Technologies, is an example. She faces the uphill task of reviving an ailing company. It's hard to say whether her job is tougher than that of Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who's lobbying investors to support a controversial $25 billion merger with Compaq Computer.