• Liberty Alliance President Steps Down

    United Airlines CIO Eric Dean has left his position as president of the management board of the Liberty Alliance, the group formed by Sun Microsystems last year to protect user identity on the Internet.

  • HP President Spins Third Quarter

    Hewlett-Packard's third-quarter earnings call last month was historic, not only because it was the first quarter for the combined HP-Compaq entity, but also for the sheer length of the call and the number of foggy outlooks filled with economic jargon. Case in point: When one analyst asked HP president Michael Capellas to clarify HP's accelerated cost-reduction plan for its struggling enterprise business, the normally sharp and prepared speaker gave this humdinger:

  • Finding the Right Formula For UDDI

    As customers start using Web services to link disparate applications, they will need a way to efficiently organize and keep track of all those Web services. Most experts believe they will do that through repositories based on a specification called universal description and discovery interface (UDDI).

  • Inside Symantec’s Big Shopping Spree

    It isn't often that a technology company buys three firms in a single day, especially during these dark days of the post dot-bomb era. But earlier this summer, Symantec strengthened its security portfolio by acquiring Recourse Technologies (for $135 million), Riptech ($145 million) and SecurityFocus ($75 million). The transactions were announced in July and completed in August.

  • The Annual Report Card Event: A Night To Remember

    The lights were dimmed low; a certain anticipation hung in the air. The faint sound of glasses clicking could be heard left and right. The event? Not a vendor "world premiere" or a product debut. This was VARBusiness' 17th Annual Report Card, and the amount of electricity in the air could almost curl your hair. At least my hair (1) (with Macromedia's Dominic Gallello).

  • Appeals Court Upholds Decision Against CA

    A U.S. appeals court this week upheld a multimillion-dollar decision against Computer Associates International for violations when the software vendor acquired On-Line Software International in 1991.

  • Intel Narrows Its Sales Outlook

    Citing soft demand for computer processors by consumers and businesses, Intel Corp. said Thursday that third-quarter sales will be within previous forecasts but at the lower end of the range.