• IBM Unveils Cube Views To Ease Data Analysis

    Continuing the trend among database vendors to build more data-analysis capabilities directly into the database, IBM on Monday unveiled software that makes it easier to organize data for analysis using business-intelligence tools from multiple vendors.

  • J.D. Edwards’ CEO Speaks Out On PeopleSoft Buy

    Robert Dutkowsky, CEO of J.D. Edwards, told CRN Monday that the company's channel partners will be "dancing in the aisles" next week here at J.D. Edwards' user conference, as more details of PeopleSoft's plans for the company and its products come to light.

  • Sophos Sweetens Deal For Partners

    Sophos, a supplier of corporate antivirus software, Monday announced changes to its channel program that sweeten the deal for its solution provider partners.

  • Face-To-Face: John Chambers Answers Your Questions

    No other tier-one vendor CEO involves himself with partners quite the way Cisco CEO John Chambers does. When his partners gather for their annual conference, for example, he not only sojourns to see them and delivers a keynote address, but he also stays the entire duration of the conference, holding as many meetings as possible with allies over several days. Recently, when Cisco partners gathered in Las Vegas for their annual event, Chambers holed up in the Venetian Hotel.

  • Are Cisco’s Rivals Undervalued?

    By one large measure--market capitalization--Cisco has all but flattened the competition in the past two years. Its market cap alone is two-and-one-half times that of 11 of its largest competitors combined.

  • John Chambers: Then & Now

    Spend some time with Cisco CEO John Chambers and you'll hear some common themes and the occasional familiar joke. Productivity increases demand for IT consumption, partnering for the long haul results in the best alliances, etc. An unabashed optimist, Chambers clearly believes his company is the best-positioned vendor in the networking field. He's also confident that issues he and his lieutenants set out to fix one year ago have been adequately, though not completely, addressed.

  • Is Cisco Vulnerable?

    The year 2003 may well be the beginning of the end of Cisco's world domination in the networking marketplace, according to VARBusiness reporting, industry analysts and Cisco competitors. The company has lost market share in the key service-provider sector to Juniper, and is lagging on key technology-innovation areas as well. It has demoted thousands of partners from Premier, Gold and Silver statuses--partners who are finding out that there is life after Cisco and who are doing well selling products from competitors.

  • Microsoft’s Internet Outhouse

    Despite Microsoft's best efforts to flush this news, it's true. The software giant recently introduced a portable toilet in the United Kingdom equipped with a Windows XP-powered PC and wireless Internet access. The "iLoo" lets patrons surf the Web while they tend to nature's calling. The Internet outhouse is also equipped with a "Hotmail station" on the exterior for those waiting in line.

  • Internet Worm Poses As Gates Message

    A new worm has been spreading rapidly across the Internet, sometimes pretending to be an e-mail from Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, antivirus vendors said Monday.

  • Gateway’s Channel Plan

    Formalize and fortify. That's Gateway's new message to the business-partner community as it rolls out a "real" channel strategy. At last month's XChange Tech Builder, the PC manufacturer quietly worked the back halls and meeting rooms, reintroducing itself to potential VAR partners, vendor allies and members of the press. The point? Gateway is getting serious about the channel.