• FTC Chair: Do-Not-Spam List Won't Help

    Federal Trade Commission Chairman Timothy Muris said Tuesday that efforts in Congress to establish a list of Internet users who don't want "spam" e-mails won't fix the growing problem.

  • Fiorina Vows HP Earnings Improvements

    Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina acknowledges that the company's third-quarter earnings were a disappointment but vowed that "every one of our businesses will be profitable" in the fourth quarter.

  • IBM Reveals PwC Cost An Extra $397 Million

    Recently completed accounting adjustments raised the cost of IBM Corp.'s acquisition of the PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting business by nearly 12 percent, to $3.9 billion.

  • HP's Third-Quarter Earnings Miss Expectations

    Hewlett-Packard Co.'s third-quarter earnings and sales failed to meet Wall Street expectations Tuesday as the computer giant continued to struggle with weak demand from corporate customers and fierce competition with rival PC makers.

  • Don't Blame The Worm If Security Lessons Unlearned

    An invisible force from the Internet grabbed Steve Watts' laptop and wouldn't let go. He tried to download a software file that would help fix the problem, but the Internet worm kept rebooting his computer every two minutes.

  • <i>VARBusiness</i> Interview With Vitria CTO Dale Skeen

    Business process management, or BPM, is gaining a reputation as a "value-add" technology offering, one that allows solution providers and systems integrators to move up the applications stack to help a company automate the running of its business.

  • Fractal Edge Helps Remedy Information Overload

    As the volume of information companies manage continues to pile up with no end in sight, the quest continues to develop the applications that will get it all under control. In recent months several new companies have emerged with clever new technologies designed to solve the problem once and for all.

  • Just What Is Microsoft Office System?

    In what is widely noted as its most significant -- not to mention hyped -- Office release in years, Microsoft on Tuesday provided some clarity of content to the long-awaited Microsoft Office System. The company announced that most of the product's pieces have been released to manufacturing and provided details on said products, pricing and services.