• Industry Briefs

    Solution provider 360Commerce unveiled plans to deploy its Java-based 360Store POS and Back Office applications at KB Toys stores across the United States.

  • Dell Gives Nod To Channel

    In one of Dell's first public acknowledgments regarding the channel's expertise in driving solutions into small and midsize businesses, Dell President Kevin Rollins said the company is looking to tap solution providers for their services expertise.

  • HP's SMB Bonanza

    Hewlett-Packard solution providers expect to see a significant uptick in their HP sales as a result of the company's $750 million SMB blitz.

  • VoIP Takes Stage At VON

    A bevy of vendors are scheduled to unveil new products for the IP telephony market at the Fall 2003 VON Conference and Expo this week in Boston

  • Intel's Mobile Blueprint

    Intel, continuing to chip away at power consumption in mobile devices, is promising a new breed of notebooks next year that will perform better while conserving more power than their predecessors.

  • HP Deskjet 450CBI Mobile Printer

    For users in need of high-quality photo or document printing from any location or device, the HP DeskJet 450cbi is a compelling choice. The 450 boasts a small size, light weight and rechargeable battery so it can be easily carried and used anywhere. Users can print from Pocket PCs or Palm-based PDAs via the unit's wireless port, and from notebooks, PCs or directly from HP digital cameras via the unit's USB port. The 450 also supports printing from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • Multimedia, Networking To Lead Home Market

    Combining high-bandwidth access, multiple computers, multimedia devices and home office equipment, many of today's homes offer interesting ground-floor and integration opportunities. Considering how much any home maintenance or improvements cost, and it's easy to see how lucrative the opportunity is.

  • M7 Suite Update Offers Better Way To Assemble Applications

    M7 last week released version 4.0 of Application Assembly Suite, its rich development tool. The suite comes in two versions: Professional Edition, a stripped-down version of the older Enterprise Edition that can neither execute Enterprise JavaBeans nor work with application servers; and the more robust Enterprise Edition, which was reviewed by the CRN Test Center.

  • Web Services May Give New Life To ASPs

    The all-but-failed ASP model may enjoy a resurgence thanks to a confluence of reductions in integration cost, the emergence of Web services standards and the model's quick ROI. The cost of integrating ASPs into the enterprise is dropping because of Web services and service-oriented architectures. The ROI is fast because up-front and long-term costs are minimized, allowing businesses to remain financially cautious and liquid.