• The Devil’s In The Details Of Dell's Proposed Reseller Contract

    When a devil wants to make peace, the details shouldn't be something only a saint could love. That's what Dell is finding out as it tries to make allies out of former foes. The proposed contract for its Solution Provider Direct Program--Dell's effort to sell unbranded Dell PCs through system builders and white box resellers launched last week--has several terms that some VARs may find questionable.

  • A New--But Not Necessarily Improved--HP

    It was just the first quarter for Hewlett-Packard and Compaq as a combined company, and already drastic changes were evident for the historic technology firm.

  • Inktomi Loses Its Cache

    The company that started the whole Web-caching business is exiting the arena. Inktomi, Foster City, Calif., announced in July that it will significantly reduce its content-networking product group and lay off several hundred people. It is certainly a sign of the times when a major technology company sheds itself of a technology it arguably pioneered, with a reduction of almost half of its staff. Of course, losing more than $600 million during the past two years doesn't make things any easier.

  • Toshiba Turning Into a VAR?

    Has technology manufacturer Toshiba become a reseller? That's the question that crossed our minds after we thumbed through the most recent issue of the "Shop Toshiba" cata- log, which offers direct

  • Tech Data Readies Next Phase Of E-Business Tools For VARs

    As technology distributors look for better ways to leverage e-commerce and build stronger ties to solution providers, companies like Tech Data are moving beyond a simple sales-engine capability to new sets of tools that can help resellers run their businesses more efficiently.

  • Growing Pains, Progress For .Net

    After more than two years of development, Microsoft's much-heralded .Net Web-services strategy rates only a "C" grade from chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates.

  • Dell's Reseller Agreement: Read the Fine Print

    Concerned about what you need to do to sign up to become a Dell VAR? Take a look at the attached PDF of Dell's Commercial Reseller Agreement. The 14-page agreement contains various terms and conditions that resllers will have to abide by before being allowed to sell both Dell branded computers and what Dell calls Solution Provider Direct (SPD) or white-box products.

  • Oracle To Post Pricing Policies Online

    Hoping to quell criticism of its sales practices, slumping business software maker Oracle Corp. on Wednesday introduced a new customer guide that spells out its pricing policies.