• NCR's CEO Resigns

    Lars Nyberg, who has served as CEO of NCR for the past eight years, has resigned, citing family reasons.

  • Intel Demos PCI Express

    Intel performed the first public demonstration of its PCI Express technology, paving the way for the technology's rollout next year.

  • Study: Gray Market As Much As $40 Billion Annually

    IT vendors are losing up to $5 billion in profits and up to $40 billion in sales of computer-related products each year to the global gray market, according to a study unveiled Thursday by Big Five accounting firm KPMG.

  • LANDesk Helps the Help Desk

    We've all been there: You're sitting at a computer, aggravated, on the phone with clients who can't get their computers to work, and your best option is to try and picture what's occurring on their desktops at that moment by asking, "What are you looking at now?" If this exercise of normally fruitless telepathy works, maybe, just maybe, the PC user won't lose that file he or she has spent the last two days working on.

  • Stutz Speaks Out On His Departure From Microsoft

    To continue to prosper, Microsoft needs to borrow the best practices of open source without itself becoming an open-source company, a retiring high-level software developer at the company said Wednesday.

  • Civil Liberties Group To Oppose Web Blocking Law

    A pioneering strategy to stem online child pornography is threatening Internet stability because it blocks Web surfers visiting innocent sites located in the same virtual neighborhoods as those peddling illegal porn, a prominent civil liberties group says.

  • Final HIPAA Rules Hit The Street

    The final standards for protecting the security of health-care information within electronic transactions, adopted by the Bush administration, will be entered into the Federal Register on Thursday.

  • RLX Looks To Channel For Future Blade Server Growth

    RLX Technologies, an early entrant into the blade server market, this week introduced its first dual-processor blades and new management infrastructure for its servers, and is looking to the channel for growth in the future.

  • Avaya, Microsoft Team on CRM

    Avaya on Wednesday unveiled a pact with Microsoft's Business Solutions division to license Microsoft CRM and integrate it with Avaya's IP Office telephony product.

  • TruSecure Acquires Vigilinx

    TruSecure, a security-services provider based here, said Tuesday that it acquired Vigilinx, a Parsippany, N.J.-based security-services firm.