• Test Center: Current Virtualization Technology Is Limited

    Microsoft's recent acquisition of Connectix has everyone speculating about what server virtualization technology can do. Like all technologies, it has its limitations at least in its current incarnation, which become apparent with an understanding of how the technology works.

  • Microsoft On Track To Open Launch Open Value

    Microsoft is on schedule to launch its Open Value licensing program for small and midsize businesses on March 1 and is mulling other Licensing 6.0 concessions, said sources familiar with the vendor's plans.

  • FCC Ruling Keeps Networks Open

    Regional Bell operating companies still must provide competitors with discounted access to their existing networks but not to new fiber-optic networks, the Federal Communications Commission voted last week.

  • DEMO 2003 Wrap-Up: A Slow, Steady Approach to Innovation

    The take-home message from this year's DEMO conference is that incremental is okay. Today's innovations, while less splashy than those unveiled during the Internet boom, are making notable, usable improvements in the way people build, sell, and deploy technology.

  • When It Comes To Selling A Business, Timing Is Everything

    Whether you harbor a dream to sell your solution provider business for the best price and move on to other things or sell it to a larger company and access the deeper resources needed to take your business to the next level, timing is everything, said Martin Wolf, president of Martin Wolf Securities, which brokers the sale of channel companies.

  • Looking To Go Higher

    Tech Data plans to fully support high-end solutions, even if it can't sell high-end servers yet.

  • Verizon Exec: 'The FCC Blew It'

    In reaction to the Federal Communications Commission's ruling Thursday giving the states power over local telephone competition rules, Tom Tauke, senior vice president of public policy and external affairs at Verizon, said the FCC had made a grave mistake.

  • Palm Allowed To Challenge Xerox Patent

    Palm received a partial reprieve in a patent infringement case Thursday, when a judge ruled it has a right to challenge a patent owned by Xerox for handwriting recognition software.

  • FCC Ruling A Blow to DSL Providers

    DSL providers, who've had their share of legal battles with Regional Bell operating companies over sharing space, now must come to terms with a Federal Communications Commission ruling that bans them from using the RBOCs' new fiber-optic networks at discounted rates.