• Office XP Consumer Price Cuts May Irk Business Users

    Microsoft's announcement this week that it's cutting retail prices for some editions of Office XP--and that the upcoming Office 2003 will likely carry the same price tags--may end up antagonizing big business customers stuck with volume pricing.

  • Exchange Server Release Candidate Set For Tech Ed

    Exchange Server Release 1 will take center stage as expected at Microsoft's Tech Ed 2003 conference next week, but the company also hopes to get beta of Jupiter--its upcoming e-business integration suite--out in time for the event as well.

  • VARBusiness 500 Gears Up

    Get ready for the 2003 VARBusiness 500, the IT industry's definitive ranking of the largest solution providers, integrators and IT consultants in North America, based on 2002 revenues. The past calendar year has created an especially heady mix of trials for VARs, and our 2003 results (to be published June 23) will reveal which companies had the strategies in place to meet those challenges,and which did not. For many, it's been a steady dose of nonstop margin-tweaking, shifting product alliances and, in some cases, just good or bad luck.

  • U.S. CTO: Team Up For Federal Technology Deals

    Partnerships are key for small solution providers interested in getting a piece of the growing federal IT budget, said Norman Lorentz, chief technology officer for the White House's Office of Management and Budget.

  • Qwest Returns To Profitability

    Qwest Communications International Inc. returned to profitability in the first quarter in contrast to a mammoth loss a year ago despite a decline in revenue.

  • Why Mid-Size Manufacturer Picked Microsoft For ERP

    With $60 million in annual revenue and the top three U.S. carmakers as customers, MESCO had no shortage of suitors when it decided to replace its 25-year-old enterprise resource planning system from Data Ware Inc. It chose Microsoft's ERP system.