• Taking Care Of Business

    Avnet Hall-Mark wants solution providers to know where they stand,and where they should stand,regarding their IBM-related business.

  • FCC Eases Ultra-Wideband Technology Rules

    Technology that can see through walls to help police track criminals and aid firefighters searching for victims received a boost from federal regulators Thursday.

  • Symantec To Buy Nexland

    Nexland, a developer of Internet security appliances, signed a letter of intent to be acquired by Symantec for $21.7 million in cash, company executives said.

  • Feds Extend Deadline For Tracking Foreign Students

    Several software developers are marketing tools and training to help colleges comply with the deadline for entering information about foreign students into the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), a new Web-based solution created by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) for tracking foreign students.

  • Dell Posts $603 Million In Profits

    Dell Computer, one of the leading barometers of the global computer industry, on Thursday reported record fourth-quarter sales and sharply higher profits as sales of servers and storage devices surged.

  • Inside Interland

    This time, it's personal, says Joel Kocher, CEO of Interland, a promising, albeit struggling, Internet-hosting company with hopes of transforming its money-losing business with your help. Here's his story.

  • Building a Better Veritas

    Veritas president and CEO Gary Bloom is neither a body builder nor a home remodeler. But he's doing the same thing to his company those individuals do every day: He's tearing something down in order to build it back up stronger, bigger and all the more impressive.

  • Up Close With Veritas CEO Gary Bloom

    A world leader in data-protection, storage-management, high-availability and disaster-recovery software, Veritas has been overshadowed by its sexier Silicon Valley neighbors since it was founded in 1989. That's because storage-management and high-availability software haven't been the hottest things to follow. Until now.

  • Distributors Hone In On Four Areas To Give VARs a Louder Voice In Convergence

    From videoconferencing and VoIP to wireless LANs and mobile communications, the convergence market is opening up profitable opportunities for VARs. And the industry's leading distributors are playing a major role to help VARs get the skills, products and services they need to play in the billion-dollar space.