• Stratus Upholds Reputation For Fault Tolerance

    Stratus Technologies is well-known for building some of the best fault-tolerant servers on the market, and its new ftServer 5240 is no exception, providing five-nines uptime reliability without clustering.

  • N1--The Next Technology Revolution for the Data Center

    We all know the story that is often told in computing history lessons; from tubes to transistors, from centralized-computing to distributed-computing. But what has really changed over the past couple of decades? Sure, system intelligence has improved and processors have revved up, but we haven't quite made the same level of revolutionary jump that PC brought back in the early 80s. That is, until Sun's announcement of N1 last week at the SunNetwork 2002 Conference in San Francisco.

  • Fiorina Looking Beyond the 'Hot Box' at HP World Speech

    Hewlett-Packard chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina opened the company's HP World conference here with a discussion on the strategy behind the $19 billion merger with Compaq Computer, and taking a few swings at the competition in the process.

  • HP To Cut Additional 1,800 Jobs

    Citing continued weak demand, Hewlett-Packard said Wednesday it will cut 1,800 jobs beyond the 15,000 reductions planned as part of its Compaq Computer Corp. acquisition.

  • Sun Unveils Updates To J2EE, J2ME

    At its JavaOne Japan show here, Sun Microsystems unveiled enhancements to new Java standards for enterprise applications and mobile devices that are slated to be finalized in early 2003, a Sun official told CRN Wednesday.

  • Down But Not Out, Oracle Eyes CRM

    There's plenty of worrisome issues at Oracle these days. Slumping sales for its high-priced software. Contract issues in California. More executive departures. Increased competition in the database software market. Analyst downgrades. A stock price in the basement and a disappointing quarter. Even Oracle chairman and CEO Larry Ellison's recent decision to leave Apple Computer's board of directors was taken as a bad sign.