• Roxio Acquires Pressplay Online Music Service

    Digital media software vendor Roxio said Monday that it acquired the online music service Pressplay, which it plans to use as the foundation for a new Internet-based music service under the Napster brand.

  • IBM Expands Integration Offerings

    IBM on Tuesday plans to expand the reach of its integration software offerings with a plethora of new solutions tailored for individual vertical industries such as financial services, insurance, automotive and retail. In addition, Big Blue will be rolling out new versions of its event broker and message broker middleware.

  • Introducing CompUSA's Connectivity Concierge

    CompUSA has taken a whack at becoming a VAR for the small-business market before. Now it seems it's at it again. The tech retailer/VAR is in the early stages of setting up a program to sell networking solutions to homeowners, home developers and small businesses. Dubbed the "Digital Living" program, the tech-design center is now piloting successfully in two stores, providing sales of and information about hardware, software, Internet access and connectivity, networking, home-theater and audio solutions, and biometric door locks.

  • Cybercrime Tsunami

    It's not safe to travel on the Information Highway anymore. Calculated cybercrimes and random acts of vandalism are rising meteorically. Damages caused by the most successful individual attacks are estimated in millions,even billions,of dollars. (See "Virus Damage Estimates," page 44.) Analysts estimate that virus attacks alone caused $17 billion in damages during 2002, according to Tom Slodichak, chief security officer for security consultancy WhiteHat. And viruses are only a part of the scary picture.

  • IBM Unravels The Mystery Of On-Demand

    Last October, IBM Chairman Sam Palmisano first uttered the phrase "e-business on-demand" in a widely reported speech to a customer group. Since that time, the "on-demand" concept has infiltrated the industry lexicon, due in large part to the colossal media blitz IBM has put forth.

  • On-Demand Computing May Not Be On-Budget Computing

    As the CIO of one of technology's largest and most aggressive adopters of advanced technologies, Brad Boston gets to see life from both a customer's and a vendor's points of view. That perspective helps the Cisco senior vice president decide which technologies Cisco should adopt and how to best advise his counterparts who devise and build technology for enterprise customers.

  • VARs Leverage Tech Data’s Enterprise Solutions Center To Win Customers

    Last August, Tech Data unveiled its new Enterprise Solutions Center (ESC), a development lab and data center housed within the distributor's headquarters in Clearwater, Fla. The ESC covers roughly 1,800 square feet and barely registers inside Tech Data's sprawling complex, but the small room is packed to the brim with the latest technology and hot products in networking, storage, security, wireless and server-based computing.

  • Imaging In Your Pocket

    Symbol Technologies this week plans to unveil a new rugged Wi-Fi Pocket PC-based mobile handheld computer with integrated wireless voice-over-IP, imaging, bar-code scanning and data-capture capabilities.

  • Mercury's Optane Jives With Java

    Mercury Interactive plans this week to ship an application delivery and management tool for Java in a nod to J2EE's growing status as an accepted tool for building corporate applications.