• Secrets of Security

    Like many in the Silicon Valley, Kittu Kolluri has made a career of latching onto the next big thing. When he was at SGI, for example, he helped manage the company's fledgling interactive TV efforts. At the height of the dot-com boom, he helped launched WedMD. His latest gambit is no different. This time it's all about instant virtual extranet appliances that provide smaller companies VPN-like security for a fraction of the usual cost.

  • Ed Zander’s Parting Words

    Just two weeks before his May 1 retirement announcement, Sun Microsystems president and COO Ed Zander agreed to an interview at Sun's iForce Partner Summit in Orlando, Fla. Although he gave no indication then that he was leaving, his philosophical tone and illuminating reflections suggest, in retrospect, that the man had weighty matters on his mind.

  • Looking For Clarity In New HP

    When the new HP recently debuted at a well-publicized executive briefing at the corporate headquarters of the computer giant in Cupertino, Calif., CEO Carly Fiorina triumphantly proclaimed that the new company was "ready to execute" on a number of fronts.

  • Expertcity Gears Up

    Expertcity plans to launch a three-tiered channel program for solution providers interested in selling GoToMyPC, its Internet-hosted remote-access service.

  • Source: Sun Not Likely To Join WS-I

    Chances are slim that Sun Microsystems will be joining the Web Services Interoperability Organization, even after IBM recently proposed expanding the WS-I board to include the company, a source close to Sun said this week. The latest news comes in light of evidence recently raised in the Microsoft antitrust trial.

  • Give Us A Break

    Resellers are angry about recent Microsoft promotional mailings that pitch steep discounts on Windows XP and Office XP to SMB customers that buy from direct marketers CDW Computer Centers and PC Connection.

  • Solaris 9 Stirs It Up

    The inclusion of the Sun Open Net Environment (ONE) Application Server in the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (OE) could strain relations between Sun Microsystems and BEA Systems, solution providers and analysts said.

  • IT Layoffs Create Large Talent Pool

    While some e-services companies are relying on partners to bolster their technology skills, others are tapping the rich talent pool created by thousands of IT layoffs over the past 18 months.

  • Qwest Moves To Sell Direct

    Several Qwest Communications International business partners are upset that the carrier is moving to sell direct to enterprise customers.