• Bush Pushes High-Speed Internet Access

    President Bush told technology executives Thursday that the country should move more quickly toward deploying high-speed Internet access. Company leaders said he was short on specifics.

  • New Virus Can Infect Picture Files

    A new virus is the first ever to infect picture files, though it is not currently attacking computers. Called "Perrun," it worries researchers because it is the first to be able to cross from infecting a program to infecting data files, long considered safe from such threats.

  • Adobe Beats Wall Street Expectations

    Software maker Adobe Systems reported second-quarter earnings Thursday that were down from a year ago but beat Wall Street estimates. The company says it expects year-over-year growth in the second half of 2002.

  • VARBusiness 500: Back to Business

    If 2000 was the year in which the party came crashing to a halt, then 2001 will ultimately be remembered as the sobering morning after,when solution providers, still hung over from the excesses of dot-com spending, were forced to reevaluate their businesses and make some tough decisions.
    2002 VARBusiness 500

  • Lucent: Quarterly Sales To Decline

    Troubled networking company Lucent Technologies said a continued soft market will lead to a decline in its third-quarter sales, but it expects "sequential improvement in the bottom line," compared with the 20 cents per share loss it incurred in its second quarter.

  • Microsoft Discloses Security Flaw In Web Server

    Microsoft acknowledged a serious flaw Wednesday in its Internet server software that could allow sophisticated hackers to seize control of Web sites, steal information and use vulnerable computers to attack others online.

  • Survey: Companies Underestimate Cyber Risks

    Despite the nation's heightened security awareness, U.S. companies still underestimate the risks involved in doing business on the Internet and aren't prepared for cyber attacks, according to a survey released Wednesday.

  • PC Sales Outlook Brightens

    With the U.S. economy bucking up, slumping worldwide personal computer sales are expected to turn around, rising by almost 5 percent in 2002, technology research firm IDC reported Wednesday.