• Microsoft ISA Firewall Add-On Aimed At Exchange, Web Server Protection

    As it readies a more enterprise-ready firewall for the upcoming Windows.Net wave of servers, Microsoft has released an add-on to its Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 that's designed to provide stronger protection for its Exchange and Internet Information Services (IIS) customers.

  • Automotive VARs Are In The Driver's Seat For 2003

    You are driving down the freeway when you hear a strange sound and your dashboard's dreaded "check engine" light comes on. You pull over to the side of the road. But before you stop, your car has already notified your mechanic that something is wrong, an order for the replacement part is sent to your dealer, and the nearest towing service has been told to pick you up. This is definitely not your father's Oldsmobile.

  • Tuning Up GM's IT Strategy

    Last year, General Motors' IT budget topped $3 billion,making the company one of the largest outsourcers of information technology. In fact, GM outsources all of its data-center and application-development needs to EDS, which it spun off in 1996.

  • Forsythe Solutions Losacco: Not Resting On Her Laurels

    Midway through 2002, Eva Losacco, president and CEO of Forsythe Solutions Group, thought her IT consulting and solutions company with $700 million in sales needed some changes. Funny thing, though: The company wasn't hemorrhaging money or losing customers at the time.

  • The Hype Behind Hyperthreading

    Intel's new Hyperthreading CPUs could make for a good marketing gimmick,a 25 percent improvement in performance from a feature that can be switched on in the BIOS,but the company could have a hard time selling it at its steep price.

  • IBM Outsources More PC Manufacturing

    Continuing its strategy to outsource much of its PC manufacturing, IBM inked deals with Sanmina-SCI and Solectron to manufacture workstations and desktops as well as perform custom configurations on ThinkPad notebooks.

  • The Subscription Model Works

    VARs are finding more success these days with the subscription model, selling software, maintenance and services as monthly or annual annuities. It makes sense when an increasing number of companies are buying IT access rather than assets.

  • Making Money Filtering E-Mail

    In the past year, spam has become an unfortunate fact of corporate e-mail life. "No one doesn't have a spam problem anymore," says Tony Comazzi, vice president of messaging solutions at the Newman Group, a Dexter, Mich.-based VAR. "If someone says they don't have a spam problem, they are doing something magical,or else they are lying."

  • <I>CRN</I> Interview: Robert Thomas, NetScreen

    NetScreen Technologies, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based maker of firewall/VPN security appliances, last month celebrated the first anniversary of its IPO. CEO Robert Thomas spoke recently with CRN West Coast Bureau Chief Marcia Savage about the company's goals and channel, as well as the evolving security market.

  • EMC Raises Outlook On Stronger Spending

    EMC, which has struggled during the corporate spending slump, said Monday that customers were buying more aggressively and slightly raised its fourth-quarter earnings outlook.

  • White House Trims Upcoming Cyber-Security Plan

    The Bush administration has reduced by nearly half its initiatives to tighten security for vital computer networks, giving more responsibility to the new Homeland Security Department and eliminating an earlier plan to consult regularly with privacy experts.