• Choose Your Partnerships and Invest In Them

    It is not enough any more to simply have a long line card. In fact many savvy end-users look at solution providers who are purveyors of all as likely masters of nothing. Solution providers must choose which partners to invest in and put their time and money where their mouths are. Vendors are savvy, and major storage players such as Veritas, EMC, and IBM can be very choosy about who gets access to their best and brightest pre-sales team, and which partners they allow access to enterprise accounts.

  • Six Ways To Increase SAN and NAS Sales Effectiveness and Profits

    The past 10 years in the storage industry has been marked with tremendous growth and change. Nowhere has this growth and change led to larger opportunities than for solution providers. The storage solution provider and integrator market is evolving much in the same way as networking did. The hardware is becoming a commodity, software is becoming king, and professional services are now required to integrate complex, heterogenous infrastructure.

  • Customer Barriers and Requirements

    Considering recent uncertainty in the economy, it's logical that end-customers evaluating SAN and NAS implementations cite cost as the major barrier. Seven out of 10 IT personnel that are planning NAS implementations identify cost as a barrier. For IT personnel planning SAN implementations, eight out of 10 identify cost as a barrier. Six out of 10 potential SAN buyers also cite performance, application support, manageability, interoperability, complexity and finding a reliable supplier as barriers.

  • SAN and NAS Market Conditions

    On average, sales of storage solutions (including SAN and NAS) accounted for 17 percent of the typical solution provider's annual revenue in 2001, according to a December 2001 survey of 306 solution providers in North America by Reality Research and Consulting. If you consider that the typical solution provider generates $145,900 in annual revenue per employee, storage-related sales would account for nearly $25,000 in revenue per year, per employee.

  • SAN and NAS: Taking it to the Next Level

    Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Network-Attached Storage (NAS) are maturing into mainstream technologies. The growth of SAN and NAS signify that storage has passed from its secondary role as a peripheral technology to primary technology status with strategic business implications. This emphasis on the strategic business value of SAN and NAS translates into consulting and service opportunities for solution providers.

  • Intel: Time Is Right To Be Our Partner

    When the economy finally begins to turn for the better, solution providers who prepared their businesses with the right investments and are ready to grow will ultimately find themselves well ahead of competitors who sat back and got caught off-guard by the upturn.

  • Hacker Claims Web Worm Meant To Combat Sexism

    A hacker claiming to be a 17-year-old girl says she wrote a new worm targeting Microsoft Corp.'s .NET Web services platform to prove women are capable of creating computer viruses and make a statement against sexism, a computer security company said Monday.