• Just What Is Microsoft Office System?

    In what is widely noted as its most significant -- not to mention hyped -- Office release in years, Microsoft on Tuesday provided some clarity of content to the long-awaited Microsoft Office System. The company announced that most of the product's pieces have been released to manufacturing and provided details on said products, pricing and services.

  • Site-Analysis Service Upgraded With Realtime Features

    WebSideStory Inc. has upgraded its HitBox Enterprise site-analysis service with realtime reporting tailored to a company's business model and to employees' specific jobs. Other enhancements are designed to make the service easier to use.

  • Apple Shipping G5s

    Apple is now shipping the two single-processor models of its Power Mac G5, the fast desktop system that it introduced in late June.

  • Microsoft Won't Release XP SP2 Until '04

    Microsoft won't release the next service pack for Windows XP until mid-2004, the company now says, putting the responsibility of updating - and patching - the popular operating system on the shoulders of users for another year.

  • CRN Interview: SCO CEO Darl McBride

    SCO CEO Darl McBride met Monday with CRN Senior Editor Paula Rooney to talk about the company's Unix crusade and product plans. The interview took place at the SCO Forum 2003 in Las Vegas. CRN is a sponsor of the conference.

  • Symantec Buys Patent In Settlement

    Symantec Monday said it bought a security technology patent as part of a settlement of a lawsuit filed against it by Hilgraeve, a supplier of communications software.

  • SCO Blasts IBM, Red Hat Counterclaims

    SCO's CEO and attorneys Monday defended the Unix company's intellectual property battle against Linux, saying recent counterclaims brought by IBM and Red Hat are futile.

  • SCO Unveils SCOx Web Services Components, Enhanced E-Mail Server

    In spite of the legal circus engulfing The SCO Group--and lingering concerns about the Unix company's future--top executives took the opportunity at the company's annual partner conference in Las Vegas to outline SCO's new Internet and Web services offerings and assert its intent to stay in business.

  • New Worm Installs Patches

    A new worm takes a different twist by trying to repair systems infected by Blaster and patch the vulnerability it exploits, antivirus vendors said Monday.