• Xerox Brings Partners Under One Program

    With a vendor free-for-all looming in the SMB printer space, Xerox is restructuring its channel organization dramatically, streamlining its agent, one-tier and two-tier solution providers into one program.

  • Pricing Changes Imminent

    Amid the grid-computing hoopla at OracleWorld last week, the biggest news was more about packaging and pricing than nifty new database features.

  • Microsoft's NAS Attack

    Microsoft's new NAS operating system, Windows Storage Server 2003, is aimed at extending the company's leadership in operating systems into the storage market and chipping away at the enterprise space occupied by Network Appliance.

  • U.S. Homeland Networks Still A Risky Business

    On the two-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, U.S. homeland computer networks remain wide open to attacks by worm and virus writers, cybercriminals and cyberterrorists, solution providers said.

  • Symantec Offers Appliance Update

    Symantec this week plans to release its updated security gateway appliance, offering a full complement of options presenting incremental and residual revenue opportunities for solution providers.

  • Micro Warehouse A Bargain At $22M

    The big question in the wake of CDW's $22 million bargain basement acquisition of the North American assets of Micro Warehouse is whether the deal will be contested by angry unsecured creditors.

  • Magnia SG30 Big On Features, Easy Setup

    Condensing network services into a single device often reduces costs for smaller businesses, especially in cases where scalability is not a key concern. With that in mind, Toshiba has rolled out the Magnia SG30 server appliance, which offers key networking features such as file and print sharing, firewall protection, FTP, e-mail and Web servers, as well as an integrated 10/100 Ethernet switch and Wi-Fi wireless networking, to small businesses.

  • Researches Test Ways To Improve Wireless

    Researchers are testing ideas aimed at avoiding communications problems that have plagued emergency workers for years and became especially apparent on Sept. 11, 2001.

  • Office 2003 Leaks Onto Web

    Illicit copies of Office 2003 leaked out onto the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) early Thursday, and on the same day, Microsoft said it would make the new office suite available to some licensing customers.

  • Oasis Adopts Web Services Standard For Portals

    Oasis, an international standards body, said Thursday it has approved specifications for using Web services to deliver information to Internet portals, a move that could eventually make it easier for companies to distribute news, entertainment, and corporate information.